HTML5 Features You Can Start Using Right Now

Jul 15, 2010

Considering using the latest CSS3 and HTML5 features but not sure if they are widespread browser accepted? Well we've tested a few cool and useful styles that work today. No need to wait until 2012 when HTM5 is to be approved.

We've recently tested some CSS3 + HTML5 features for use on current projects. Here are some cool, and tested, features.

  1. CSS3 Gradients - Are safe to use with fallback for IE. If used properly this would lower number of HTTP requests. For example, on PCC landing page this would save 5 HTTP requests with 3 of those using big images adding in total almost 20KB saved.
  2. CSS3 Columns - Are safe to be used because if browser doesn't support them he will just ignore columns and show text in single column. This can have fallback with conditional element using JS for IE.
  3. CSS3 Text Shadows - Are safe to be used. This property can help text to be crispier and can be safely applied to body text too. This could be potentially used as banner text too, for example, if you want your client to add something over the image through CMS.
  4. CSS3 Border Radius - Could be used for buttons and some block elements. Fallback can be image or just left as sharp corner.
  5. CSS3 Box Shadow - This will create nice shadow effect around the element which could potentially save some bandwidth if used as effect for elements instead pngs.
There are, of course, a lot more available, but those are some that we could start using now. Basically almost all CSS3 features are supported in modern browsers but IE does not supporting even one of them, and that includes IE8! Truly unacceptable from Microsoft. Luckily some smart people created jQuery plugins which could be used as a workaround.

About the Author

Giulinao Liker is the Lead Designer at Inorbital Inc. and the creative force behind much of what we do. Let us know of what you think about this topic.

About the Author

Tony Tullio

Tony Tullio is a veteran in the interactive business and Director/Founder at Inorbital and always looking for great web apps and useful websites. Let us know what you think about this topic by commenting or rating or connect with him via Twitter  LinkedIn