Our Top New Features for Kentico 6.0

Sep 21, 2011

I had the opportunity to go through all new features of Kentico 6.0 and wrote a list of the most useful ones at the moment, possible useful ones for the near future and some we already have been trying to overcome:

Syntax highlighting – Syntax highlighting for the HTML, ASPX, XML, CSS, SQL code. It is based on the CodeMirror component and provides much better experience in editing of the code everywhere you write it.

  • Universal viewer component - Viewer (similar to repeater) for hierarchical data that can display different document types on different levels with different transformations while maintaining single query call (unlike nested repeaters). Significantly improves performance of the web site if you display hierarchical data with transformations anywhere.
  • E-commerce Content personalization - You can customize the same page/template or webpart for different occasion (users, or stores, or etc)
  • E-commerce Shipping calculation based on weight – You can specify how much the shipping will cost for particular weight of the products. (I guess before you couldn't)
  • E-commerce Downloadable products, paid membership, bundle. (These are nice features for ebooks - see www.misformoney.ca) 
  • More Facebook integration (this could be useful in the near future)
  • Support for URL Routing (this could be useful in a future client request)
  • Support for image watermark  - (although we can do this via our own code) 
  • Paging in web controls - Native support for loading and caching of individual pages in data viewers and data sources (repeaters, data lists, e.g).
  • API Examples
  • Support for uploading the document type icons from admin UI
  • Inherited document types  - Ability to inherit fields from one document type to another helps you especially when you manage on-line store and your product document types span from general to specific ones. 
  • Better CAPTCHA (this can be very useful today in tsm)
  • Multi-file uploader (useful for uploading Product images to the Media Library)
  • Better image editor (I didn’t know Kentico has that but apparently we could use this to change product  pictures, same as we were doing before in code)
  • Hiding documents in content tree based on permissions - Ability to hide documents on which the user does not have permission in the admin UI. (remember last meeting we were trying to give permission to Ben for change only the colours by setting the path but we couldn’t set more than 1 path, now we could simply give him the root, but hide the folders we don’t want him to see)
  • Relationship editor form control – Encapsulating the functionality of relationship tab into the form control + some more options.  (useful to relate some products to other products)
  • Filters for Custom tables - Ability to filter data in the grid of custom tables / Bizform. You can simply define alternative form for filtering which will appear on top of the list displaying data to provide you more convenient way to manage them.
  • Smart search improvements - Several improvements of searching engine, providing new features:
  • Custom search indexes – You provide the indexing code
  • New types of analyzers
  • General search – Ability to index system objects, e.g. E-commerce products
  • Crawler search – Search index covers what is seen on the live site 
  • Health monitoring - Performance counters for the system. You can see what the system is doing and identify potential problems from higher load.
  • New security features -Another set of membership features which helps the solution to be even more secured. 
  • Password strength (SHA2, SHA2 + salt) + indicator 
  • Password reset via e-mail 
  • Single sign-on – Ability to switch to other sites in CMSDesk without login 
  • We have also spent significant amount of time on reviewing and improving the security, so the solution is even more secured.
  • General export -Ability to export the data from UI grids into CSV/XML/Excel.
  • Support for multiple SMTP servers - Load balancing of the sent e-mails between several SMTP servers (to eliminate SPAM filters and for performance purposes)
  • Application for easy hot fixing / upgrading + Installation manager - No more manual applying of hot fix / upgrade packages. Application handles the steps automatically and we now have the installation manager that helps you to have control over your projects in case you host more of them.
  • Management of stored procedures / views through admin UI – (very useful today as we start modifying views and creating new stored procedures in tsm)
  • Server availability check - Now it is very simple whether the URL of the server you enter is available or not in various locations.
  • Javascript & CSS compression & minification, Client caching support - Automatic minification and support for GZip of CSS and JS. Client caching settings. Missing piece in high performance of the web sites.
  • New business layer + support for LINQ – Strongly object-oriented business layer, ability to get and query collections of objects rather than un-typed DataSets. Current model will still be available as you can see in the API examples, the new one will provide LINQ support and access similar to Entity framework. (finally!)
  • New customization model - Description: Two ways of customizing: Programmatically by replacing the provider object or from web.config (both from DDL or from App_Code)


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