The Best Search Engine Optimization Tip Ever

May 12, 2011
seo optimization
If you've ever attended a martial arts school, then you probably already know that one of the very best ways to website is to not actually be in one in the first place. If you're not hanging around in the kinds of places where fists tend to fly or can quietly remove yourself before they do, then you aren't very likely to be injured, get thrown in jail, etc.
Believe it or not, the same advice often applies to search engine optimization.
Why? Because the Internet – including this blog – is full of advice on what to do when all your competitors are showing up on the first page of Google for an important keyword while you're on page 9. There's a ton of information that has to do with adding the right titles to your pages, rewriting your content in a way that appeals to search engine spiders, getting other sites to link to you, and so on.
That's all good and valuable, but what's often missing is the caveat that you can avoid finding yourself in that situation to start with – or at least make the process a whole lot quicker – by thinking about SEO before a single pixel of your new small business website has been created. By making good decisions from the planning phase, you can make the path to search engine success of whole lot easier.
There was a time when things like web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and even Internet marketing were all separate skills and disciplines. These days, however, you have to have an integrated approach if you're going to keep pace with your competitors, much less gain a leg up. For that reason, it's absolutely critical that you choose a web design team that understands what you need to do with your finished website – on search engines and elsewhere – once it's finished. 
If they can't help guide you in that direction before your site has ever been created, then you're always going to be stuck trying to find ways to catch up later.

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