Social Media Integration the Easy Way

Mar 16, 2012
social media web design toronto
The easiest way to get the biggest impact from social media is to implement a page tool widget like AddThis or ShareThis into your website template.  With this simple to install widget  your site will link with other social media programs and helpful page tools. It offers a convenient way for your visitors to share, save, and subscribe to your content, resulting in: easy distribution, more traffic, better rankings and extended reach.
These 3 are the most popular free social networking share tools available. Have your webmaster evaluate these to learn which will work best for your specific website. 
Somethings to consider when evaluating are the design flexibility of the widget, customize ability of the share tools and reporting features. We often completely customize the widget but often using the built in customize is a good start. It's a good idea to place the share tool buttons in the content area of your webpages to make the connection to share the content not in the header or footer of the page.
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