The Importance of Check-lists for Web Development

Sep 09, 2013

Check-lists may not be very glamorous but using check-lists ensures the obvious and not so obvious procedures don’t get overlooked. Here at Inorbital we have several check-lists from project kick-off to post launch and maintenance tasks. Here are some of our check-lists that you can use and modify for your studio.


Our check-lists include: 

Kick-off list
.NET site review
Website maintenance (Monthly)
Webserver maintenance (Monthly)

The Kick-Off Check-list

  1. Contract Signed and Deposit received
  2. Discovery Document – comparables and direction
  3. Logo and branding provided
  4. Sitemap approved
  5. Images and any art assets provided
  6. Creative Brief by Inorbital
  7. Functional Brief by Inorbital if required
  8. Domain Name configured - DNS setup
  9. Web Hosting and email setup
  10. CMS and Database installed
    • * Add all Inorbital custom modules and modifications to default CMS installation
    •  Change default login time-out from 5 minutes to 20 minutes
    • * Make sure all folders under "resources" are write enabled
  11. Client to supply all text and content in electronic format
  12. Updated Schedule
Pre-Launch Check-list
  1. Provide client CMS login and instructions quick start and manual
  2. Add Google Analytics and test
  3. Remove development email information in web config file
  4. Browser test functional inconsistency in IE, FF, Chrome, Safari and mobile OS's 
  5. Delete all unnecessary templates and images from CMS
  6. Delete all unnecessary test pages that appear when logged-in to CMS
  7. Compress JavaScript files (and check all JS functionality after)
  8. Compress CSS files (and check all styles after)
  9. Remove development url
  10. Check website for dead links or missing images
  11. Delete unnecessary CMS dev user accounts and leave admin account
  12. Create FAVICON
  13. Client to review content, spelling and broken links
  14. Test forms and search functionality
  15. Custom 404 error page if applicable
  16. Add meta keywords and descriptions provided by client
  17. Image alt tags
  18. No robots for applicable pages ie forms, logins
  19. Remove all test user accounts
  20. Minimize css and JavaScript
  21. Backup and archive offsite
  22. Setup backup routine for db and files and test
  23. Yslow performance testing and tweaking

Post-Launch Check-list

  1. Submit to Google, Bing and Yahoo
  2. Generate XML sitemap
  3. Final invoice
  4. Add uptime monitoring
  5. SEO primer for clients
  6. Change CMS passwords
  7. Web config errors off
  8. YSlow performance testing
  9. Load Testing

ALL .NET sites

Turn Debug to 'FALSE' in webconfig

Turn Custom Errors to on with it pointing to a generic 'errors.html' page


About the Author

Tony Tullio

Tony Tullio is a veteran in the interactive business and Director/Founder at Inorbital and always looking for great web apps and useful websites. Let us know what you think about this topic by commenting or rating or connect with him via Twitter and LinkedIn