Favourite Tweets from Web Unleashed 2015

Sep 18, 2015

We had so many tweets for this years Web Unleashed event we decided to create a blog post with our favourite listed here.


From Methodologies for Modern Dev, have designers+engineers in all phases so that devs can inform process w/ +/- immediately #webu #fitc

From Methodologies for Modern Dev, but when faced with how ppl actually interact with product, latter wins #webu #fitc

From Methodologies for Modern Dev, emphasize on how quickly project recovers from mistake, rather than preventing mistakes #webu #fitc

AODA Lessons: aim for low hanging fruits for quick wins to gain currency and traction within team/company to shift thinking for AODA #webu #fitc

AODA Lessons: goal/responsibility different for each role in team; embed accessibility goals in project processes, not just end-goal #webu #fitc

Managing the Process: with new processes, key to have someone champion/lead process. Document everything (+ edit/iterate!) #webu #fitc

Managing the Process: create document template where it asks questions to help user follow process #webu #fitc

Project Plans & other BS!: usually project requires scope+price but scope undefined, yet want timeline+plan- disconnect #webu #fitc

Project Plans & other BS!: project scope more defined and accurate as project process iterates #webu #fitc

Project Plans & other BS!: really should refrain from project plans, nothing is known at project start; iterate, find out more, add to MVP #webu #fitc

Project Plans & other BS!: focus on building MVP to get core features (40-60% of project), then add rest as enhancements #webu #fitc

Project Plans & other BS!: start design asap, then devs shortly after to allow design to stay ahead of dev for next iterations #webu #fitc

Project Plans & Other BS!: in agile, ‘good enough 4 now, can proceed’ better label to use instead of ‘sign-offs’ for deliverables #webu #fitc

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