Supercharge Your Intranet Once and For All

Jan 24, 2016
Corporate employee intranet solutions 

Many corporations have legacy intranets that just don’t get utilized because they are clumsy complicated systems that everyone dreads using from the administrators to the employees. These antiquated complex intranet systems are a thing of the past with today's integrated enterprise Content Management Solutions. 
In this blog post we show you what you can do by combining the power of an easy-to-use enterprise CMS and a complete document collaboration solution. Here are the key tools to supercharge your employee’s productivity whether you are a corporate giant or a non-profit organization. 

Super power your Intranet with these Key Features: 

  1. Flexible platform for creating intranet sites and managing content, including pages, documents and media files
  2. Securely Publish your Internal Policies, Work Manuals, Reports
  3. and Strategic Plans
  4. Workgroups for team collaboration with forums, wiki, document libraries, project management and task management
  5. Quickly Find What and Who You Want with robust search
  6. Get Complete Control over Published Content with easy administration
  7. Enable Project Collaboration and Task Management and Granular permissions to manage access to content viewing and editing
  8. Keep Your Employees Updated On What’s Going On with current news and blogs, forums, event calendar
  9. Get Easy Access to Practical Daily Information,
  10. such as Employee Directory, Phone Book or Canteen Menu 
  11. Create Departmental Sites easily Managed by Their Members 
  12. Customize the Design and Structure of Your Intranet for consistent corporate branding
  13. Document libraries seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office through WebDAV (open and save documents directly from your browser)

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