``The Voice of Medical Laboratory Science in Canada``

The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) is the national certifying body for medical laboratory technologists and medical laboratory assistants, and the national professional society for Canada's medical laboratory professionals. We are a not-for-profit organization that is funded entirely by membership dues and revenues from goods and services. We do not receive operational funding from governments or other organizations.

Our members practice in hospital laboratories, private medical laboratories, public health laboratories, government laboratories, research and educational institutions. Incorporated in 1937 as the Canadian Society of Laboratory Technologists, the society has over 14,500 members in Canada and in countries around the world.

Our purpose is:

  • To promote and maintain a nationally accepted standard of medical laboratory technology by which other health professionals and the public are assured of effective and economical laboratory services, and

  • To promote, maintain and protect the professional identity and interests of the medical laboratory technologist and of the profession.

One of the major functions of CSMLS is to set qualification standards in medical laboratory science. We conduct exams across Canada and issue certificates to candidates who meet the prescribed standard. CSMLS provides prior learning assessment to internationally educated medical laboratory technologists who are seeking Canadian Certification. The PLA process evaluates an applicant’s academic credentials, language proficiency, clinical training and work experience and their level of competency to write the Certification examination.

Once members are certified, CSMLS provides professional development and continuing education programs to help members update their skills and knowledge, and achieve their professional goals. Our continuing education service provides distance education programs in technical and scientific subjects and laboratory management.

Communication Strategy

Understanding of Project

The CSMLS existing 4-year-old Kentico CMS-based corporate website required a design refresh to bring it up to modern day standards. CSMLS had completed a thorough website assessment over a three-month period. This assessment had identified new website content, as well as a responsive layout to accommodate a variety of devices. The redeveloped website (English and French versions) should allow for future growth and enhanced web functionality, and be able to support node websites that are part of the redeveloped website structure. These unique node websites will support the associations business and activities.
The CSMLS website requires "a design refresh, updating appearance, structure and the way that it manages and presents information and resources. It also requires the addition of various functionalities and features, including online purchases, transactions and interfacing with our member database.”

The purpose of the CSMLS website redesign is to:

The CSMLS website requires "a complete overhaul, updating appearance, structure and the way that it manages and presents information and resources. It also requires the addition of various functionalities and features, including online purchases, transactions and interfacing with our member database.”


Design & Functional Goals: 

•    Design a clean, bright, professional looking mobile optimized website reflective of the CSMLS brand to align with its target audiences (Members and potential members).
•    Craft a look and feel that maintains a persistent effortless navigation, uses lots of white space while placing emphasis on content including great content, news, call out boxes to encourage the audience to become members or engage with members. 
•    To be engaging and interactive while encouraging learning and membership services.  
•    Upgrade the Kentico CMS from version 6 to version 8. 
•    Build a streamlined template to make it easy to navigate, expand, maintain and update.
•    Provide an efficient and cost effective method of delivering current information about the organization and what it has to offer.
•    Carefully consider the users and your goals by implementing usability guides like: sitemaps, bread crumbs, way-finding visuals, and print friendly versions of the web site content to provide users with a positive "accessible” browsing experience.
•    Build the site backward browser compatible while adhering to W3C accessibility standards and multi-platform testing.
•    Optimize the site for search engines and directories – implement searchable content and best practice.
•    Use modern technical coding standards fundamental to long term flexibility and wide platform compliance.

Full featured bilingual content managed membership website with complete seamless integration with iMIS CRM.   

•    Create a user‐friendly experience – megamenu to visually present the sitemap at a glance
•    Promote information, tools and resources for various stakeholder groups – propose a scrolling media banner to include multiple featured items on the landing page
•    Increase awareness and understanding of Medical Laboratory Professionals – with simple and clear messaging.
•    Streamline and improve the user experience, making navigation consistent and intuitive – review and re-architect navigation.
•    Modernize the look and feel of the website – with a clean and clear contemporary style.
•    Develop the site as a dashboard, ‘at a glance’ view of what’s going on in the profession – with the ability to for the society to manage its own content.
•    Interact with our membership database, for both data input into the database and displaying information from the database – integrate single login with iMIS CRM membership.
•    Develop tools to automate some currently manual processes: job posting form with payment and posting ability.
•    Create password protected section for members – All members will have access to additional content and communication tools (blog and forum).
•    Content management solution that allows in-house staff with little to no design or technical aptitude to easily update content and modify elements after the initial launch – CMS user training and end-user documentation included.
•    Provide easily downloadable resources; - managed through the CMS.
•    Enable multi-way communication with our members and develop tools to create interactive online communities – implement member forums, blogs and social networking links.
•    Capitalize on all possible social media opportunities – develop an internal social networking strategy once the site is launched.
•    Increase Google search optimization; - full page name, keyword and metadata can be administered in the CMS as the content is being entered or managed.
•    Comprehensive website tracking capabilities – the CMS includes a robust reporting function and the new website will include Google analytics tracking.
•    Easy search capabilities within the website – the CMS includes a robust and customizable search engine.


The primary challenge of this project was to create a clean, concise and structurally sound interface to accommodate an enormous amount of content and a complex navigational structure that includes top, secondary and tertiary level menus. The site also required maximum content management functionality by multiple users, from managing the site’s many event locations, job posting payments, to adding and updating content, to editing and creating images and administering events and news as well as building a single sign-on with the clients 3rd party iMIS CRM.

The client needed a development copy of the upgraded and responsive site as a place to update content separate from the live site which meant we would have to create and run a content migration script to pull over any content from the live site created during this transition period. 


The completely redeveloped website was designed with a unique, contemporary, fresh and creative responsive look and feel. The BIG idea behind this website is the large image banner which features a selection of pre-selected banners that are randomly delivered and administered by the CMS. The solution to implementing seamless transition from the clients CRM system and the website was solved by connecting to the CRM with a web service. The new site also incorporates an improved and intelligent navigation and content structure that is helped by the custom developed mega-menu web-part. Emphasis and careful consideration was placed upfront during the project's initial phases on a well thought-out UX and wire-frame for each template and module.

All functional requirements had also been met with the use of the Kentico Content Management System and several custom web-parts.


•    The primary key result was the mobile experience where you never have to leave your phone when accessing the site or logging in as a member. The entire site is now fully optimized for mobile. 
•    Noticeable performance improvements from the Kentico 6 to the Kentico 8 site for both the front-end and back-end. Load times for 50 concurrent users is between 1-2.5 seconds per page.  
New Kentico 8 Site: 50 concurrent users is between 1-2.5 seconds per page

 Previous Kentico 6 site: 50 concurrent users is between 4-5 seconds per page


Ease of integration and the ability to expand upon from a developer’s perspective.  
Highly important in order for us to build and manipulate the template based upon our designer’s vision. 

The code review proved to be enough for our developers to provide approval in the Kentico CMS as the engine for this project with the ability to easily integrate 3rd party systems. 
The Kentico tech support team has been a tremendous help in the past from previous projects thus influencing us to continue on with them. 

While the CMS is feature rich and functional, it is also very cost-effective, making it an affordable solution to our clients. 

many well thought-out membership features that support best practice including responsive layouts.

Technical Specifications:
•    ASP.NET, JQuery and MS SQL Server
•    Windows Platform
•    Kentico CMS
•    Single sign-on integration with ASI's iMIS CRM Database
•    Bootstrap 

Client: The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
Team Members: Charles Chan (Producer), Matthew Richmond (Design), Sean Byart (Front-end and Development), Ken Yang (Orig. Developer), Ankur Bathla (Orig. Programming)

CSMLS mobile phone website design