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Mental health, family-centric and service-oriented organization. Full redesign with unique page and content management functionality, news and newsletter management.


Winter 2009
Fig 1. Before
Fig 2. After redesign
Fig 3. Administrator Back-end

About The Hincks Dellcrest Centre

The Hincks-Dellcrest Treatment Centre is a children's mental health centre located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Treatment Centre serves infants, children, and youth who have mental health problems. It also provides mental health prevention and early intervention programs. The Treatment Centre is partially affiliated with the University of Toronto and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services.

Communication Strategy

The web site redesign should provide visitors with a clear, engaging and contemporary impression about the centre, leading to greater interest, confidence and compassion for the centre’s initiatives, goals and programs.
  • Completely re-do the website design to highlight Hincks-Dellcrest’s services and overall mandate, while placing emphasis on its target audience
  • Develop a wireframe that is logical and relevant to the user and one that supports the amount of content to be presented on the website
  • Post information that is of interest and value to the user
  • Include a robust search engine with filtered search results to be present on every page of the website


The purpose of the website redesign is to:

  • Create a bright, positive and engaging aesthetic for the website
  • Design an interface that will accommodate the re-organization and re-structuring of a comprehensive navigational flow, involving several sub-sections and in-depth content
  • Easily integrate micro sites into the same template
  • Allow for the addition or removal of content-specific modules with ease by site administrators
  • Establish an unified organizational identity and increase and expand its target audience
  • Provide an efficient and cost-effective method of delivering current, factual information and news and means of interactivity
  • Promote and spread awareness of Hincks-Dellcrest programs and events to the general public

Functional Requirements

  • All aspects of site content to be managed by a CMS, including the landing page image slideshow, subpage header graphical banners, page copy and all levels of the menu structure; site content to be managed by multiple users
  • Implement a news/blog functionality
  • Ability to internally manage and change the promotion of time sensitive information and imagery to feature and highlight upcoming fundraising events
  • Unique page tools, including bookmarking, font sizing and print functionality
  • Filtered website search results


The primary challenge of this project was to create a clean, concise and structurally sound interface to accommodate a vast amount of content and a complex navigational structure that includes top, secondary and tertiary level menus. The site also required maximum content management functionality by multiple users, from managing the site’s graphical headers, to adding and updating content, to creating and distributing newsletters through a back-end application.


The updated Hincks-Dellcrest website was designed with a vibrant, contemporary, clean and fresh look and feel. Each page contains a content-managed graphical header that makes use of stock imagery that represents the centre’s target audience and their mandate. The new site also incorporates an improved and intelligent navigation and content structure. All functional requirements had also been met with the use of the Kentico Content Management System.

Design requirements:

  • Redesign the site to incorporate branding colours while introducing other colours to embellish and enhance web presence
  • Tweak the wireframe
  • Rename and re-architect primary and secondary navigation
  • Improve menu terminology
  • Design should be flexible to allow for the implementation of new technology and functionality on an as needed basis
  • Source positive and uplifitng images for the site that will appeal to families dealing with children of mental health issues

Key criteria for choosing Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS
Implementation – ease of integration and the ability to expand upon from a developer’s perspective.

Flexibility – highly important for us to be able to build and manipulate the template based upon our designer’s vision.

Code – the code review proved to be enough for our developers to provide approval in the Kentico CMS as the engine for this project.

Support – We really experienced the great support from working with the Kentico tech support team on an earlier project and as a result will continue to use them.

Cost – While the CMS is feature rich and functional, it is also very cost-effective, making it an affordable solution to our associations and non-profit clients.

Features – Many well thought-out features that support today’s Web 2.0 solutions.

Technical Specifications:

  • ASP.NET, JQuery and MS SQL Server
  • Windows Platform
  • Kentico CMS

Client: Hincks-Dellcrest Centre

Team Members: Tony Tullio (Direction), Giuliano Liker (Design), Ken Yang (Programming) Jennifer Lee (Content Design)

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