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What’s New at Inorbital
You spoke and we listened. This past summer we surveyed our customers and thanks to the valuable feedback, Inorbital has responded by adding additional services and technologies. Starting with launching (see below) and a more efficient process for mobile development along with developer certification where it matters.
Introducing Inevite Event Registration System

We’ve recently launched our new portal for all your event registration needs. After 12 years of crafting custom event registration solutions, we have now created this portal to specialize and focus on on-line event registration micro-sites.

Along with this new platform, we’re rolling some new and enhanced features for your next event on top of all the features you’d come to expect from us:


Real-time Drag and Drop reports allowing you to select the fields and filters you want whenever you want them.  Save them and reuse that report for later.

Mobile versions of your microsites with optimized registration and event details for any event microsite.

Facebook login integration so your registrants can login with their Facebook account or create an account with your event site.

Content Management with real-time editing of your own content when you want to from any browser.

Create your own surveys or polls during or after the event.

We built the new system with .NET and MSSQL Server, using the robust Kentico CMS framework, so you know it’s solid, stable and scalable. As always, your data’s security and privacy is front and centre with PCI complaint servers, 3rd party protection and intrusion detection software, and bonded staff. We have never had a data breach in the 12 years of providing event registration solutions and are constantly working hard to see that we don’t.

As you would expect your registration data is owned by you and we will protect and ensure your data is available to you at any time including real-time access and the ability to export your data in a variety of formats.

Visit to learn more about how we can help your next event.

Kentico CMS 7 introduces breakthrough improvements in several areas

Our favourite partner has just released a new version of the already feature-rich enterprise CMS. This latest version not only brings forth some exciting developer tools that the Inorbital team is looking forward to using, but it is also introduces new tools specific to content editors and marketers. Here is a short list of just a few:

Marketing Automation â€“ easily define and execute automated marketing campaigns to engage new customers, nurture leads and maintain an on-going conversation with your clients.

Enhanced Mobile Website Support â€“ build websites that automatically accommodate to various mobile devices without redesigning your website, and manage website content on mobile devices.

Visual Workflow Designer â€“ define even the most complex document workflow using a drag-and-drop interface.

Translation Management â€“ take control of your website localization process and integrate it with third-party services, such as

User Experience Improvements â€“ update your website content even more easily with the new On-site Editing interface and with many UX enhancements.

To learn more about Kentico 7 visit:

A little about Kentico CMS

Whether you need to build a corporate web site, on-line store or membership site, Kentico CMS is a feature-rich, flexible, all-in-one enterprise solution. Inorbital is a seasoned Gold partner and has been custom crafting Kentico websites for several years. All of our developers are Kentico certified and are poised to build your custom CMS website.

Kentico Gold Partner

What's Your Mobile Strategy?

Recently, Google Research reported that: No Mobile Site = Lost Customers.  But we’ve known this for some time. There are 4 mobile strategies to consider and one will likely work with your current needs.

Mobile Strategy
Approach A: Tweak What You Have

This approach is the easiest to adopt and it essentially means making your existing desktop version not appear “broken” in mobile browsers. Depending on when and how your site was built, this may either be a complicated or relatively painless approach. The website will end up looking and operating the same as on desktop  with the use of placeholders for non-mobile friendly web parts, such as Flash. It’s a cost effective way of not disregarding  users with an unusable site. 

This approach is rather quick and requires minimal effort to implement. However, there will be times that the experience will not be ideal for mobile screens. The downloading of large assets and styles can slow down the overall performance and the site can be tricky to navigate on a smaller screen.

Approach B: Adaptive Layout (Media Queries)

Most modern browsers, including mobile ones, should now be able to query such things as width, height, device width and height, orientation and more. This has led to more web designers using media queries in order to provide responsive designs to their visitors.

This approach is quick, relatively cheap, and will result in improved readability on mobile screens. However, older browsers may not be easily supported and visitors will face a short learning curve with the new navigation.

Approach C: A Dedicated Mobile Website

A website dedicated to mobile users aims to deliver an optimized, and often very different, experience to visitors. Mobile websites can take on a life of their own and often require  research and analysis in order to prioritize and deliver the most important content to users.

Mobile websites, from the likes of eBay and Amazon, show a very different strategy than their desktop equivalents because screen space and file sizes are at a premium.

Approach X: Native Apps

Finally, another option to consider is a native app. Apps can be the ultimate in an optimized, streamlined journey for visitors, and they often have native controls. Several properties, such as eBay, Twitter and Amazon, have clear user goals and have therefore invested time and effort into creating native apps that provide the best possible experience on a wide range of devices.

The advantages for a native app are streamlined web journeys where device controls are native and optimized for the platform the app was designed for. It also makes for a lightweight solution using minimal bandwidth. The drawbacks can be that it requires custom development and cost to build and maintain. These apps will also need 3rd party approval before the app is available in stores.

Call or email us to learn more about your mobile options.

What have we been up to?

Since our last newsletter we have helped design and launch the following:

Own the podium Bortolotto
  Own The Podium   Bortolotto  
Age is more My Revera
  Age is More   My Revera  
Eddie Bauer 2012 Mortgate Forum
  Eddie Bauer   Mortgage Forum Conference  
Genesis Leisureworld
  Genesis   Leisureworld  
Now Hiring Experienced Web Designer

We're actively searching for a keen and energetic creative individual to help with design including responsive web design and print design. If you have the skills we`re looking for or know someone that does then we'd like to hear about it. Inorbital offers a casual and creative work environment with competitive pay, benefits...and free pizza! Apply here.

Steve Jobs 5 things I Learned From Steve Jobs
After thoroughly enjoying reading the Steve Jobs biography, I thought long and hard about what I learned and can apply to my business. Much of the book deals with Jobs’ peculiarities and very interesting character traits that will only work for Steve Jobs and really couldn’t be applied to anyone else.
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Inorbital delivers professional, customized, award-winning web site development with goal-driven website design. We also apply the freshest and most current principles to achieve a clean, clear and successful web experience.

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