Summer 2014

We are now in Toronto's Little Italy, just 1.9 km north of our old office.
Stop by for a visit and take in the great gelato this summer.

Make sure to update your contact info with our new address:
533 College Street, Suite 401, Toronto ON M6G 1A8

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We are hiring!

Know any keen and experienced web designers with a few years experience designing award winning corporate websites?

Apply online and make sure to send us your portfolio.

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New Releases

This last quarter saw the launch of some great projects, and for the first time ever they were all built using the Kentico CMS. From non-profits to health care to associations to corporate... jets.

Here are just a few projects we've been working on:

About Heartbleed

Heartbleed is a security bug in the widely used OpenSSL cryptography library. If you are an Inorbital customer, you don't need know what that means. We are pleased to say that none of our hosting clients were affected by the latest vulnerability because we do not use OpenSSL! It is a very popular open source implementation of the (TLS) protocol and 17 percent of encrypted websites were impacted, including Canada's Revenue Agency (CRA).

If you are concerned with Heartbleed when visiting other websites and you use the Chrome browser, download the free Chrome Bleed plugin from the Chrome web app store. This plugin will warn you when you visit a website that has the Heartbleed vulnerability.

Blog: Anatomy of a great homepage

Here are 5 important attributes of a great homepage. Do these well and your web presence will be a big benefit to your organization. A good start is to keep your site focused and clutter free while always considering SEO.

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Blog: World's greatest web design glossary

Over the years we've been known here at Inorbital to use terms that our clients have never heard of (and may never need to again) and in order to enlighten and explain what we mean when we say things like "mock-up" or "beta release", here is our ever evolving glossary of terms.

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Big Changes
with Kentico 8

Kentico underwent a major redesign of its user interface. The user experience in Kentico 8 has been completely redesigned with you in mind.


Create better online forms with easy drag & drop.
Discount enhancements with rule-based discounts on products, orders, shipping and more.
Customize your checkout process to your exact needs and even take payments though mobile!
Improved social marketing by posting content on and get analytics from Facebook and Twitter all from within the UI.


Learn more about version 8 here or contact Inorbital for a free no obligation demo.


Donate before July 3 and get a Kentico Base License!

Celebrate and Donate with #Kentico! Make a donation and get a Kentico License FREE!


We love working with you!

Please don't keep us a secret. A referral is the best compliment we can receive as your partner. If you know someone that might be looking for a team like ours to help them out with their next project, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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