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Enter to win our complete web design package to support COVID-19 recovery.

With the COVID-19 pandemic rippling through society and affecting us all in different ways, we are left to ask: what can we do to help?

As a web development agency that works with healthcare, public and private sectors, we understand that our service to the community is in crafting web projects to better serve our customers and their communities. As a response to this crisis we have envisioned "Project Giveback".

"Project Giveback" is an initiative that we have created to give back to society by offering our web design services pro-bono for a qualifying organization that serves the greater good. In addition to our services we have partnered with two industry leaders to provide a complete solution. Kentico will be kindly offering a free license to Kentico CMS, EMS or Kontent for the successful project. The winning organization will also be awarded free hosting on Microsoft Azure for one year.

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What Services We Provide

Inorbital is a full-service agency providing web solutions from project inception to deployment and support beyond that. We understand that every project is different so the need for services will be tailored to the needs of the project and clarity of what is required will be determined once the project kicks-off.


Web design package can include any the following services:

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Project Giveback

Q. Are there any hidden costs? 

A. The web design package includes a license to Kentico CMS, Azure hosting for 1 year as well as web design services provided by Inorbital. The only thing not included in this package is the cost of the domain. At the outset of the project we will scope requirements and determine suitability. The package is valued at $30,000 and we will factor that into our assessment 

Q. If my project is larger than the scope of “Project Giveback” can I still enter?  

A. Yes, in that situation we would simply assess your project based on eligibility criteria and deduct the amount of “Project Giveback” from the estimate we provide during original scoping sessions. 

Q. If we win, what is required of us? 

A. A point of contact from your team will be needed to manage communications throughout the project lifecycle. This contact will facilitate communication and will of provide feedback for the organization during review periods. The length of review periods does have an impact on timelines so we would expect the organizational review to be an organized effort from your team.  

Q. How long will it take to build a website? 

A. It really depends on how organized the effort is and how prompt the feedback is. We can turn around a website very quickly if we have the information architecture, strategy, functional requirements and design in place. At that point we would be just working with the build. We offer the full spectrum of services and build custom websites so our effort can be used in any way that contributes to a website build (see a list of our services). Given that this is a pro-bono project for COVID-19 we would expect that the timelines are tight and there is urgency in getting things done. We are prepared for that.  

Q. If I already have the design ready can I still enter? 

A. Yes, but please make sure you add the design file or link to it in the submission.

Q. Do you provide support after website launch? 

A. Yes, we have support packages. You can learn more about support and maintenance solutions here