Intranet Solutions

Our Intranet and Extranet solutions are ready-to-use intranet portals you can quickly start using. It's a perfect solution for those who need an out-of-the-box intranet or who want to have a strong starting point to build on.

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It combines all intranet related features of Kentico CMS, including:

  • content management
  • document libraries
  • Active Directory Sync
  • Sharepoint Connector
  • content versioning
  • customizable workflow
  • workgroups 
  • community features
  • and many others.

Build Custom Portal Solutions

Kentico CMS is also a great web development platform with many ready-to-use modules. If you need a custom portal solution, such as highly specific intranet, partner extranet or client portal, Kentico provides you with a wide range of features you can use instead of developing everything from scratch or integrating multiple products.

It comes equiped with:

  • user and access rights management
  • Web content management
  • document management
  • project and task management
  • hundreds of built-in webparts
  • dozens of modules, including Forums, Blogs,Reporting, Media Libraries, Event Calendar and others
  • dashboard widgets that can be personalized by site users

Our Intranet Developers can also easily create our own modules or webparts in Visual Studio based on your requirements.

Extranet Intranet Document Management with Office Integration

Are you lost in the file share chaos? Kentico CMS allows you to organize your documents in Document Libraries, control access, track document versions and even use workflow and approval processes. Moreover, the full-text search will help you find the files more easily.

Kentico CMS supports the WebDAV protocol which means you can open your documents directly from Microsoft Office as well as some other applications, make changes and save the updated document directly to your intranet without any additional steps.

Quickly Deploy Departmental Portal Sites

With Kentico CMS, every department can have their own site in a few minutes. The administrator can predefine the structure of departmental sites and then quickly clone it for every department. Of course, the departmental sites can be further customized with specific pages or features and they can have a custom theme.

Collaborate in Workgroups with Corporate Intranets

Need to empower your employees with a powerful solution for collaboration? One of the Enteprise 2.0 concepts supported by Kentico CMS are workgroups that can be created by any user. The workgroup owner can then invite others to share documents, project tasks or wiki pages related to a particular project.
Should I Use Kentico or SharePoint?
Kentico CMS was built as a flexible Content Management System that allows you to manage your intranet pages and easily integrate additional features either using the built-in modules or using your custom code.

If you're already using SharePoint but do not find it flexible for intranet or website content management, you can use the Kentico CMS SharePoint Connector and display documents and other content from SharePoint within your intranet or public website running on Kentico CMS.

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