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Canadian Public Relations Society Success Story

Posted on September 18, 2018

Compelete digital transformation for Canada's Public Relations professionals 

The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) is an organization of 4,000 members who practice public relations in Canada and abroad. CPRS is incorporated as a National Society in Canada and it is the central part of a federation of 14 Member societies that are based in major cities throughout the country. CPRS is committed to advancing Public Relations in Canada by providing a means to educate members through accreditations programs as well as providing access to learning materials, events and career opportunities.

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The integration challenge of this project was to sync Kentico user accounts (and membership) with CPRS member data. The existing member database existed separate from the website so we needed to use it rather than have users create new accounts in the new website. Other challenges of this project included building a custom user dashboard for logged in members with various permissions; building a resources center with search and custom filtering; as well as a job board that would allow users to post jobs as well as search and filter through them.

Scope of Work


The focus of this project is to design and build a completely new website that highlights the main user goals identified by CPRS stakeholders and members without disrupting existing memberships or user experience. 


The first step was to convert the member roles from CPRS’ database into Kentico CMS user roles. This was accomplished by querying the CPRS membership database to pull all the memberships and using the Kentico API to generate the roles in the CMS. The roles themselves are not expected to change so this was an import process and not a sync.

The next step was to create a scheduled task to sync users in the CPRS database with those residing in Kentico. This was accomplished by querying all user’s in the CPRS database and then generating or updating existing user accounts within Kentico. This task executes every hour.

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An additional scheduled task was created to sync user account roles in Kentico with the assigned roles in the CPRS database. This task executes every hour. 

With the roles and user accounts in place, the membership dashboard pages were created and assigned the necessary user role permissions ensuring that members had access to the appropriate member pages.

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Homepage - Mobile - 02
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The new CPRS website was successfully integrated with CPRS’ user and membership database. The website provided a membership dashboard for members to access member pages tailored to their assigned roles. It also allowed all members access to members only content such as webinars, recorded lectures and documents.

Dear Inorbital team, We cannot thank you enough for your hard work and dedication to make the new perfect. We couldn’t have done it without you and you and we are very thankful to have partnered with Inorbital on this project.

Key criteria for choosing Kentico

Kentico was chosen for the new CPRS website because it provided an integration solution with their existing set up, allowed for the ability to expand into different microsites, and it was seen as relatively easy to use from a content editing perspective.

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