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Qatar Airways Intranet Success Story

Posted on April 23, 2020

Worlds Best Airline Creates World Class Corporate Intranet

Qatar Airways is one of the youngest global airlines to serve all six continents, and the world’s fastest-growing airline connecting more than 160 destinations on the map every day. With the rapid growth of the company came the need for a new and improved internal communication hub for the over 40,000 employees world-wide to use to access vital information to their job. After a rigorous international procurement process Inorbital was awarded the project and undertook the rebuild of the fastest growing airlines intranet. Qatar Airways has also the honour of being considered one of the top ranked airlines in the world by several sources including Skytrax.

Airline Corporate Intranet


With the massive amount of content and employee base accessing the intranet the wish list was extensive. The system needed to serve the purpose of a corporate communication channel, and an effective information and file sharing channel to improve collaboration from top down. The system needed to be highly configurable considering the future needs and growth of the company and the unique functional needs of each of the departments. The new intranet system will need to:  

Scope of Work

Airline Intranet Features  


The goals of this rebuild was to take an outdated and pieced together intranet that wasn’t keeping up with the rapid growth of the company and create a powerful new intranet built on the powerful Kentico platform that could be scalable to their ever-growing needs.  Simply stated the 4 main problems the new intranet will need to improve is: Communication, Collaboration, Information and Business processes.


After an on-site strategy session in Doha the design team summarized all the information collected through personas and stakeholder interviews to craft a creative brief used to inform the UX and UI designs. By creating a strong brief, the entire team had firm grasp of the creative directive which was documented and approved before starting the concept design.

Airline Intranet wireframe
Airline Intranet wireframe search results
Staff directory Airline Intranet wireframe
Homepage Airline Intranet wireframe
Forms Airline Intranet wireframe
Staff Discounts Airline Intranet wireframe
Department Airline Intranet wireframe
Companies Page Airline Intranet wireframe
Homepage - Mobile - wire
knowledge base - mobile - wire
Homepage - Mobile - wire 2
favourites - mobile - wires
blog - mobile - wire
search wire mobile


Upon approval of the brief the design team moved forward with the 20 high-fidelity wireframes as the base before starting the design process. Through these prototypes we could solve a lot of the potential usability issues before entering the design phase. The concept designs put it all together including colours, icons and images to bring the intranet site to life. The client was looking for a fresh design that did not adhere to the existing brand with the focus on information and findability.

The client was looking for a fresh design that did not adhere to the existing brand with the focus on information and findability.

Intranet page mock-up
Intranet department design mock-up
Airline Intranet Staff directory
Airline Intranet form page

The design success was a result of the iterative process the takes the concept as close as possible to completion before entering the development stage. Continuing to test and adjust design as we adapted to the stakeholder feedback and visual guidelines to make it a truly agile methodology.

Airline Intranet mobile homepage
Airline Intranet mobile homepage 2
Airline Intranet mobile page 3


Inorbital created a super scalable airline intranet that covered an ever-growing number of features, from a robust staff directory that could sort through 40,000 employees to a discussion board for employees to share their internal discussions. Special custom components introduced was the ability for employees, and their managers, to pin content to their dashboard for easy reference at any time. Inorbital also implanted a robust document library that leveraged the CMS’s built-in media library functionality.  

The project was a significant undertaking and after a lot of teamwork planning, crafting and building the perfect experience Qatar Airways gained a new best-in-class intranet light year’s ahead of its predecessor. 

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