Univeris homepage design

Univeris Case Study

re-launched: Fall 2006
Visit: www.univeris.com 

About Univeris

Univeris is the dominant provider of Enterprise Wealth Management Systems to the Canadian market, offering the only complete, modular front office, distribution and manufacturing platform in Canada.

Univeris enables investment dealers, banks, insurance companies and others to drive their strategies into the marketplace, while reducing operating costs and optimizing around their competitive advantage.


The company, originally named CTA Systemsource, is a well known and successful supplier of enterprise wealth management systems and software. In the light of a complete company re-branding and name change, the challenge was to create a website to reflect the new company image, designed by Thrive Design and Harry Cornelius, within a short time frame.


The Inorbital team had worked with the Univeris stakeholders to arrange and organize a more fluid and logical navigation while implementing a seamless and scalable site with our CMS system. The graphics and imagery developed and used by Thrive Design were incorporated into a cohesive look and feel for the site design, tying in with the on and offline marketing strategies. From this, the website's design had undergone a dramatic improvement, while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

A powerful site Content Management Solution (CMS) with an application database and tiered administrator and content owner access had been implemented into the Univeris website. By administering the CMS from the outset, it had imposed some design restrictions yet exceeded some of the client's objectives with the CMS's services and functionality. The content is now easier to modify and sections and menu items are easily added to the site structure with the browser-based, MS Word-like editor. There was also a need to implement a Newsletter subscription tool and sophisticated survey capabilities. The content delivery had been designed and structured almost exclusively using Cascading Style Sheets; structure and style allowing for any major style change to take place site wide from within the CMS.


The project was delivered on time, even with revisions and modifications.

This is a project that all team members worked diligently on and cooperated with each other to satisfy all parties involved from design to stakeholder.

In the end, the site represents a contemporary modern design with a common layout and consistent organization representative of Univeris’s new branding and promotional materials.

Client: Univeris Corp. previously CTA Systemsource Corp.
Team Members: Mark Balson (Lead Design), Asghar Ali (programming), Katie Yumol (HTML)
Technology: .NET and Kentico CMS