Jan 09, 2010
We recently stumbled upon a new type of search tool that searches for copies of your page content on the web. (now offline) is a handy tool that will scour the web for any copy that resembles your own...essentially looking for stolen copy which is much to common when it comes to websites and even easier to detect.
I recall searching for our company name "Inorbital" with Google not long ago and interestingly the results provided copies of our about us and services pages embedded in our competitors sites. I use the term competitors loosely here. When copying our pages they didn’t even bother to remove the references to "Inorbital" making them look idiotic. Now with Copyscape we were able to enter specific url's from our website and the results were few pages from other websites with similar copy including highlighted fragments.
This is as sample page from copyscape that shows what copy matches the copy from our "about us" page. Really too much to be a coincidence but it is nicely presented.
Here's another example from another website with 77 words matching those from our "about us" page.
It’s become really painfully obvious that it’s time we rewrite our content, yes we've gradually updated it along the way but a full overhaul is in the works.  Legally none of these competitors is worth contacting with a cease and desist only because they aren’t real threats to our company but if they were I'd certainly do more than blog about it!
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"Design And Copy Pirates: Should You Care?" Posted in Boagworld Bites, Random on: Thursday, April 1, 2010 

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