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M is for Money™

Project Details:

Design and Development
Client: M is for Money

ecommerce online store website

M is for Money™ is a kid’s guide to financial literacy™.  This all-Canadian 9-book series follows the financial adventures of twins Tessa and Benji.  Together, they learn basic money concepts including what is money (loonies, toonies), a piggy bank, a bank, a loan, a budget, change and a wallet – just to name a few.  The books are for children ages 5 through 9.


Full featured ecommerce and promotional site with shopping cart selling physical products as well as downloadable eBooks. Targeting both children and their parents. 


• Design a clean, bright, fun-looking and youthful website reflective of the M is for Money brand to align with its target audiences (parents, educators and children between 5-8 years old).
• Craft a look and feel that maintains a persistent effortless navigation, uses lots of white space while placing emphasis on content including great illustrations, news, call out boxes to encourage the audience to learn more about the books with easy access to purchase from any page.
• To be fun and interactive while encouraging learning and visiting the shop. 


• Integrate a dynamic user-friendly enterprise Content Management System (CMS) that allows for content & Product (Books/Merchandise) info to be easily and securely updated by your staff with no technical knowledge.
• Design the navigation with clear action items and options on every page.
• Build streamlined templates to make it easy to edit, expand, maintain in the future.
• Carefully consider the users and MisforMoney’s goals by implementing usability guides like: sitemaps, bread crumbs, way-finding visuals, and page sharing tools.
• Build the site backward browser compatible and accessible.
• Integrate Google analytics
• Connect real-time payment gateway with ssl encrypted transaction processing
• Optimize the site for search engines and directories – implement searchable content and best practice where possible.
• Ensure the website templates are mobile friendly so it will be readable when accessed from the latest hand held devices.
• Optimize the site for search engines and directories – implement searchable content and best practice.
• Ecommerce engine with:
• On-line payment integration
• Shipping integration + calculation
• Taxes calculation
• Product options
• Downloadable e-books (e-products)
• Bundled products
• Custom product types
• Reports
• Shopping cart
• Checkout Process
• Discounts 


The time frame to develop the MisforMoney website was reasonably short based on the ambition to introduce and promoting the new line of books upon printing. Also, a challenge was introducing cross platform eBooks which was enabled shortly after the launch, with Kentico CMS allowing for easy integration of downloadable products. Another challenge was incorporating the branded illustrations into the site creative framework.


The new website was designed with a clean series of responsive template to accommodate the vast illustrations without getting in the way. This required a healthy use of the branded illustrations that were created specifically for the site to give it the kid-friendly look and feel. 
With Kentico we were able to easily develop responsive layouts for the entire site visit including the shopping care and check-out.


M is for Money utilized Kentico's e-commerce solution, however, some limitations were encountered during development which required further customization to resolve.
After adding products to the shopping cart, the customer is asked to register an account before proceeding to the next step in the checkout process. As part of Kentico’s default behaviour, if an order discount was applied to the shopping cart prior to registration, the discount will be removed from the shopping cart following member registration. This posed an issue for customers because they would not notice the discount was removed until they reached the payment step. Measures were taken to ensure that the order discount was applied back to the cart after the customer registers during the checkout process.
M is for Money products are shipped using Canada post and shipping prices vary by customer location. A Canada post shipping component was developed and integrated into the checkout process to use the customer’s shipping address to display the applicable shipping options and pricing.
To help cover additional costs, a 10% handling fee is applied to all orders. Instead of overriding the cart pricing calculations so that it includes the handling fee, the fee was represented as tax class. The shopping cart totals webpart, which is used to display pricing information to the customer, was modified so that the handling fee and hst/gst could be displayed as separate amounts. Representing the fee as a tax class also provided the client the ability to omit the fee from being applied to certain products.


  • This project required a new site for a new business and it was very important to rank well in google right from the start. The result being the site now ranks on google first page for its primary key phrase. 
  • The other key result was the mobile experience where you never have to leave your phone when visiting, purchasing and reading the books.
  • Noticeable performance improvements for both the front-end and back-end. Load times for 60 concurrent users was between 1-2 seconds per page. 

Key criteria for choosing Kentico


Ease of integration and the ability to expand upon from a developer’s perspective. 
Highly important in order for us to build and manipulate the template based upon our designer’s vision.


The code review proved to be enough for our developers to provide approval in the Kentico CMS as the engine for this project with the eventual prospect of upgrading to EMS to help with marketing activities.


The Kentico tech support team has been a tremendous help in the past from previous projects thus influencing us to continue on with them.


While the CMS is feature rich and functional, it is also very cost-effective, making it an affordable solution to our clients.

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