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Prostate Cancer Canada Case Study

Project Details:

Design and Development
Client: Prostate Cancer Canada
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The Prostate Cancer Canada (formerly Prostate Cancer Foundation of Canada) is the leading national organization devoted solely to eliminating the threat of prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer Canada raises funds for the development of programs related to awareness, public education, advocacy, support of those affected, and research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer.

The Foundation also acts as a support centre for people seeking information on treatment, diagnosis and prevention. With several prostate cancer publications, the Foundation provides informational packages to doctors' offices, community health centres, individuals and hospitals. Comprehensive risk assessment tools are also available online.

In 2009, the Foundation relaunched its brand, which included a new name, Prostate Cancer Canada, and new logo. The new website reflects these changes, and represents the Foundation as a leader in prostate cancer research.


The web site redesign provides visitors with a clear and contemporary impression about the foundation, leading to greater confidence in their fundraising programs. Essential information about the foundation is presented through the use of a quick links area that is present on all pages. Also, a robust and thorough search function is prominently located on all pages.

Re-do the website creative to highlight PCC’s new branding ensuring appeal to a vast target audience
Develop a wireframe that is logical and relevant to the user and supports our key attributes/messages
Evaluate the efficacy of blogging, Facebook, webinar’s, Twitter, etc., as areas in which we can add value to the user and the foundation
Post information that is of interest and value to the user


The purpose of the website redesign is to:

  • Establish an unified organizational identity and increase and expand its target audience
  • Provide an efficient and cost effective method of delivering current, factual information and news and means of interactivity
  • Promote PCC’s programs and events to the public
  • Sell promotional branded products to the public
  • Functional requirements
  • Introduce Live Chat functionality
  • Implement Blog ability
  • Easily integrate with 3rd party social networking initiatives
  • Ability to internally manage and change the promotion of time sensitive information and imagery to feature and highlight upcoming fundraising events
  • Ecommerce shopping cart
  • Responsive layouts
  • Upgrade to Kentico version 8


The time frame to develop the Prostate Cancer Canada website was exceptionally short based on the foundation's ambition to introducing the new branding to the public. Also, a challenge was introducing the second language (French) which was enabled shortly after the launch, with the Kentico CMS allowing for easy integration of multiple languages. The new logo and branding was a new direction for the foundation and needed very careful consideration with the look and feel of the site. It required several iterations of design but in the end, the client was pleased with the result.


The new website was redeveloped with a fresher look and as a more user-friendly site, containing detailed and accessible information for PCC's online users. "This new website reflects the fresh, new strategic direction that the foundation is driving towards.

Design requirements:

  • Redesign the site to incorporate the new logo, name and branding colours while introducing other colours to embellish and enhance web presence.
  • Tweak the wireframe.
  • Rename and re-architect primary and secondary navigation.
  • Improve menu terminology
  • Introduce iconography based on the new logo style to enhance the main navigation. Icons to be designed for sections titled: 1) Research 2) Get Involved 3) About the Prostate 4) Donate 5) Discuss
  • Design should be flexible to allow for the implementation of new technology and functionality on an as needed basis. 
  • Source alternative images for the site that will appeal to a younger youthful demographic depicting the seriousness of the topic.
  • Introduce and feature a series of video messages with actors or celebrities who can speak briefly about the cause or an event.
  • Offer products for sale with a catalogue and shopping cart 

Key criteria for choosing Kentico CMS

Implementation – ease of integration and the ability to expand upon from a developer's perspective.

Flexibility – highly important for us to be able to build and manipulate the template based on our designer's vision.

Code – the code review proved to be enough for our developers to provide approval in using the Kentico CMS as the engine for this project.

Support – We really experienced the great support from working with the Kentico tech support team on an earlier project and as a result will continue to use them.

Cost – While the CMS is feature rich and functional, it is also very cost effective, making it an affordable solution to our associations and non-profit clients.

Features – Many well thought-out features that support today’s best practice including eCommerce and responsive layouts.

Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to let you know that I’m really, really pleased with how our new site is taking shape. Your team has done an excellent job so far and I look forward to unveiling our new and much improved site to my colleagues next month.”

Sharon Bala
Manager, Marketing & Communications
Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada

"Fantastic. Great work by you and your team. Truly appreciate all your efforts.”

Steve Jones
President & CEO
Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada

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