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The Institute of Corporate Directors

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Design and Development
Client: ICD

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Institute Corporate Directors webpage design


The Institute of Corporate Directors is the definitive 'go-to' resource for Canada’s directors and boards. 
As the national community for directors, the ICD is a not-for-profit, member-based association. With more than 10,000 members and a network of 11 chapters across Canada, we are the only globally recognized director organization in Canada.
Welcoming directors (seasoned and emerging), C-suite and senior executives who aspire to serve on boards in the for-profit, not-for-profit and Crown sectors.

Full featured bilingual content managed member site with iMIS CRM integration for events, registration, workshops and member management. 


The ICD website requires a complete revitalization which includes updating the appearance, structure and the way that it manages and presents information about the institute and service offerings. It also requires the addition of various web based tools and functionalities to improve communication and to better represent the institute, its members and service offerings: 
• A new, easy to use, enterprise content management platform integrated with the iMIS CRM
• Clean, clear and flexible responsive design 
• Database integration for future improvements and tools
• Search engine optimization and social media integration
• Deliver content in a mobile friendly format 


The primary challenge of this project was to create a clean, concise and structurally sound interface to accommodate an enormous amount of content and a complex navigational structure that includes top, secondary and tertiary level menus. The site also required maximum content management functionality by multiple users, from managing the site’s many training sessions, workshops, job posting payments, to adding and updating content, to editing and creating images and administering events and news as well as building a single sign-on with their 3rd party iMIS CRM.


The completely redeveloped website was designed with a unique, contemporary, fresh and creative look and feel. The idea behind this website is the ability to feature courses easily and at-a-glance pulled from a feed from the CRM and administered by the CMS. The solution to implementing seamless transition from the clients CRM system and the website was solved by connecting to the CRM with a web service. The new site also incorporates an improved and intelligent navigation and content structure that is helped by the custom developed menu web-part. Emphasis and careful consideration was placed upfront during the project's initial phases on a well thought-out UX and wire-frame for each template and module.
All functional requirements had also been met with the use of the Kentico Content Management System and several custom web-parts.


A very pleased client. The project had encountered some setbacks prior to Inorbital’s engagement however our team was able to set a plan and delivered based on that plan. The end product has become the institute’s proud resource for its members and potential members and a go-to for anything related to the industry. Currently planning phase 2 with an upgrade to Kentico 8.  

Key criteria for choosing Kentico CMS

Implementation. Ease of integration and the ability to expand upon from a developer’s perspective.  

Flexibility. Highly important in order for us to build and manipulate the template based upon our designer’s vision. 

Code. The code review proved to be enough for our developers to provide approval in the Kentico CMS as the engine for this project with the ability to easily integrate 3rd party systems. 

Support. The Kentico tech support team has been a tremendous help in the past from previous projects thus influencing us to continue on with them. 

Cost. While the CMS is feature rich and functional, it is also very cost-effective, making it an affordable solution to our clients. 

Features many well thought-out membership features that support best practice including responsive layouts.


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