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Welcome to our web development blog. Where we explore popular issues that relate to the web design industry that we feel our clients may be interested in reading about.
OTIP Success Story
In order to move ahead with a focused web strategy they needed to consolidate their web properties onto a single version of the CMS. As a result OTIP asked Inorbital to consolidate all 5 microsites into a single harmonized site based on the latest version of Kentico.
Six most common mistakes when planning a new website
Whether you’re completely redesigning your site or thinking of making some updates, there are six things that are often overlooked. Here are the essentials you need to consider when planning a new website to optimize your ROI.
Xperience by Kentico VS Wordpress
We've built many sites with WordPress but keep coming back to Kentico for variety of reasons. Here are just the top 8.
Drug Access Canada Success Story
We provide healthcare professionals with in depth information on drug Patient Support Programs. You can know what is offered by each program to better support your patients.
How has SEO changed in 2020
In the early days of SEO marketers could simply include keywords in titles of pages, body content and header tags and expect to see their efforts reflected in Google search result pages. These days competition is stiff, and the Google algorithm is far more complex. Let’s look at what factors drive SEO traffic in 2020.
GDPR for Businesses in Canada
This article is to provide Canadian website owners fundamental understanding of what GDPR is and how to comply.
Making Your Association's Website Accessible is Good for Business
When planning a new website build, it's common to think about design, functionality, and content, but rarely are decision makers thinking about accessibility.
Inorbital COVID-19 Update
Here at Inorbital, we’re committed to providing award winning web design and web development to our legions of satisfied clients around Canada and the world.
Living Donor Portal Success Story
UHN approached us to build a Living Donor Portal as a means of expediting living donations as well as streamlining and digitizing a process that currently involves a lot of paperwork, administrative overhead, and is difficult to manage.
Qatar Airways Intranet Success Story
Qatar Airways is one of the youngest global airlines to serve all six continents, and the world’s fastest-growing airline connecting more than 160 destinations on the map every day.
Is it Time to Redesign Your Website?
Whether your website has issues with speed, functionality, SEO or is just looking unfashionable we've put together six tips to help you decide if your website is in need of a redesign.
Tip 5: Don’t let Zombie Tech become a thing
The internet evolves… so should your website! Get to it before it starts feeding off your page speed and inching towards zombie tech oblivion.
Tip 4: Be the Drake of Websites
Don't be the impossible to find unicorn buried on the 2nd page of google results. Improve your SEO and be everywhere
Tip 3: Be Like a Transformer... Only Better
Optimus Prime may be a robot from space, but he has nothing on your websites sweet micro interactions. Add value for your web visitors with a feature rich website
Tip 2: Be Faster Than the Fastest Man on Earth
Clean code and optimized images is just the first step to make even Usain Bolt jealous of your speed.
Tip 1: Don't Let Your Website go Out of Fashion
The design of your website will not come back in fashion. Keep up with the times with current design trends and UX best practices.
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Success Story
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is an association that regulates the practice of medicine in Ontario by setting qualification requirements and standards of medical practice and professionalism for doctors.
The Top 4 Reasons to choose Xperience by Kentico MVC
Still thinking about using Kentico Web forms? Here are the top 4 Reasons to choose Kentico MVC as your next CMS
Bioscript Success Story
BioScript solutions is an organization that is committed to helping patients with chronic illness achieve the best possible outcomes by providing access to complex, specialty drug therapies and delivering full-service specialty care solutions.
5 Questions Clients Have About UX Design and Their Website
Every new project is different and exciting to work on as a UX designer, however there are certain things that come up on every project no matter how unique the project is.
Winter News and Insights
Whats new, recent websites launched and favourite blogs. Inorbital is Moving. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Childhood Cancer Canada and Halton Region. Blogs include 5 Tips on How to Start Your Next Web Project and What’s so great about Azure? 
Dietitians of Canada Success Story
Dietitians of Canada (DC) is a professional association that represents dietitians, they have over 5,000 unique and diverse members nationwide.
Practical Approaches for the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)
Here in Ontario, Canada, we have the Personal Health Information Protection Act, also known as PHIPAA, which was established in 2004 to govern personal health information.
How to Test Your Beta Website
A simple guide to getting the most out of the testing phase to ensure a smooth go live!
Bortolotto Success Story
BORTOLOTTO Design Architect Inc. is an Ontario-based architectural and interior design firm. Specializing in public sector work, the award-winning firm has completed a growing portfolio of over 300 projects.
Breaking Down the UX Design Process
When we are designing websites for clients, we often find that there is a lack of understanding when it comes to User Experience Design (UX). In this article we will attempt to clarify what makes UX design what it is and why it is important to understand it for your next web project.
Introducing the New Client Dashboard!
We are pleased to announce that we have changed your experience by adding a client login and dashboard to our website
How to Measure Great Architecture Websites
In this blog we will be examining a handful of different architecture websites and break them down by user experience, mobile experience, accessibility, speed, originality
Intranet Design vs Public Website Design
Designing an intranet can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you get started.
What’s So Great About Azure 
Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing websites through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centre's.
Spring 2019 News and Insights
Whats new, recent websites launched and favourite blogs. Inorbital is Moving. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Childhood Cancer Canada and Halton Region. Blogs include 5 Tips on How to Start Your Next Web Project and What’s so great about Azure? 
5 Tips on How to Start Your Next Web Project
There's a lot to consider when starting a web project. It can get complicated, but fear not we've compiled a list of 5 tips to make it easier!
7 Secrets to a Successful Intranet Project
When designing your next (or first) corporate Intranet it's important to decide early on what the goals will be. The Key Objective to a successful Intranet is internal communications. Do these things well and the Intranet will be a success.
Marketing Automation with Kentico EMS
Kentico EMS edition allows you to leverage its built in online marketing features with the structure of the content management system to allow you to design and implement complex marketing automation processes.
Choosing the Best CMS is like Navigating a Maze
Organizations are demanding control over their web presence and using a CMS is the tool to help them take over day to day management with minimal training. Navigating through a maze of web content management systems is a tireless task so we’ve assembled a list
Holiday Edition News and Insights
Whats new including Kentico 12 release. Canadian Public Relations Society, The Learning Partnership, Schizophrenia Society and Toronto Police Association site launches. Blog topics include: Synchronise Your Ecosystem and Making Your Website Accessible is Good for Business.
Non profit Websites Good to Great
Every non profit organization is different and so your web presence should be crafted from the outset with your unique needs in mind. It's important that your digital agency come prepared with the understanding of these needs and objectives.
8 Content Tips for Non Profit Websites
Website content always matters but even more so when it comes to Non-profits and their web presence. The need to establish credibility and confidence is of utmost importance when persuading your audience to engage and donate. These best practices and principles will help get your message across to your audience and to engage them no matter what your call to action.
Synchronise Your Entire Web Ecosystem
It's time for your company to integrate your web presence with all your organisations moving parts. Interoperability is big word but basically it refers to the ability of different computer systems to communicate with one another which is what we are discussing here.
CRM Integration
A CRM is a Contact Management System that uses a database to house data and reports on all facets of your collected customer information. It’s essentially a turbo-boosted contact database but these days it can be much more than that when you integrate your CRM with your website.
Canadian Public Relations Society Success Story
The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) is an organization of 4,000 members who practice public relations in Canada and abroad. CPRS is incorporated as a National Society in Canada and it is the central part of a federation of 14 Member societies
Guide to Exceptional Websites for Charities, Foundations and Non profits
These types of websites share many of the same planning strategies as most websites. They need to be user friendly, easily navigable, and have a clean and clear look and feel. However non-profit websites have some particular needs to consider in addition to a standard website. A non-profit website needs to be easy to learn about the cause, what they do and how to get involved and most importantly how to donate.
6 Essentials of Building Healthcare Websites
Here are the essential project planning elements for any healthcare medical website project, be it a major hospital or a local clinic web page. We have assembled 6 key facets that are specific to our approach in planning these types of projects.
Halton Region Success Story is the website for one of Canada’s largest regional governments. The website is to help inform and guide residents and businesses in the City of Burlington, the Town of Halton Hills, the Town of Milton the Town of Oakville.
7 Things to Look For From a Web Design Agency
When sourcing a digital agency to partner with for your next website project remember to consider these 7 key factors.
Solving The Biggest Problem with Bilingual Websites
Creating a bilingual website is much more than simply having 2 languages side by side. In this article we discuss how to incorporate user generated content into your multilingual website.
How to Optimize Images for the Web
In this post we will talk about how to optimize images and why image optimization is important. We have geared the article towards content editors but the information in this post is universally applicable to anyone working with images online.
Give Your Members a Good Reason to Login
Provide your members incentives to login and they will keep coming back. What Information will make them better at what they are doing? What ways can you save them time? Do this well and you will have an engaged audience who will continue to use your website
MJMA Success Story
MJM Architects is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary design firm focused on projects that advance personal and civic wellness and include a diverse array of programming and scales. Their projects include high-performance sport, recreation, libraries, wellness programs, aquatics, cultural and learning space, labs, sports fields, trails, gardens, and plazas.
Anatomy of a Great Homepage
Here are 5 important attributes of a great homepage. Do these well and your web presence will be a big benefit to your organization. A good start is to keep your site focused and clutter free while always considering SEO.
10 Best Website Design Practices for Associations
We've assembled the most important website design tips for associations and membership organizations and narrowed in on the top 10 listed here.
Income Opportunities for your Association Website
There are several opportunities to generate additional forms of income from your association's website. Often it just means repackaging what you are already providing your members in marketable upgrades or packaged as purchasable products and services.
Campaign Management with Kentico EMS
Kentico has out of the box functionality that allows you to run and analyze cross-channel digital marketing campaigns without the need for any third party modules. Campaigns are set up around conversion points and actions are weighted according to values you determine
Bullet-Proof Registration Form Methodology
This is our proven method for planning and building custom bullet-proof online registration forms
You Need to Know These 5 Web Design Trends
Design trends come and go because they don't always solve the problems that users have. However the 5 trends I've described here are the exception and valuable because they improve the overall user experience.
What is the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) is a set of guidelines and standards which helps to achieve accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities. In the context of websites and web content, although only organizations large in size or belonging in the public sector require compliance by law, it may be a good strategy nevertheless to conform even if you're not.
Content Personalization with Kentico
Kentico EMS edition allows you to leverage its built in online marketing features with the structure of the content management system to allow you the ability to deliver your web visitors customized content.
Why Kentico EMS Should be Your Online Marketing Platform
Imagine taking all of the third party marketing tools you use and combining them with your CRM. Now imagine taking all of those tools and building them into the backend of your website’s content management system. The result is Kentico EMS Edition. A system so powerful and intelligent it can do everything from personalizing site content to carrying out complex marketing automation processes.
Super Powering Your Membership Website
Key questions to consider for your next membership site.
Membership Websites That Rock
How to make your Membership / Association website Rock? When planning a membership website it always key to consider your audience and their tasks. When in doubt lean towards easier and simpler when scoping features and functionality. Listen to your designer and follow these rules for success.
Small Things That Will Have a Big Impact on Your Mobile Users
Google suggest a few small things that will have a big impact for your mobile website users. These are obvious but often overlooked tips.
Functions of Well Built Association Website
Every association is unique in the way it operates. That's why standard systems often don't work. Here is a list of aspects of well built association websites
Ontario Arts Council Success Story
Ontario Arts Council is an agency of the Ontario Government. For more than 50 years, the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) has played a vital role in promoting and assisting the development of the arts for the enjoyment and benefit of Ontarians.
Own the Podium Success Story
Own the Podium, a not-for-profit organization, prioritizes and determines investment strategies to national sport organizations in an effort to deliver more Olympic and Paralympic medals for Canada.
The Role Trust Plays in Successful Project Relationships
One of the most common questions we get from potential clients when interviewing us is what makes a successful project relationship. The answer has evolved over the years to “trust your professional”. Whether its your IT person, chef, designer or project manager. We in turn learn to trust our client’s after all they are the product experts and we are just students.
How to Create Your First Sitemap
A sitemap is a list, chart or visual diagram representing the hierarchical structure of the pages in a website. It’s used as a website design planning tool to map out the site navigation and content. It will identify site structure, architecture and page hierarchy.
Optimize Your Content For Google
So you can never be 100% certain what might be considered perfectly optimized content however several recent studies from search results suggests that Google will consider it "poor content" if you do the following in your website...
SEO Strategy Starts with Choosing Great Keywords
To figure out which keywords work best for you, you’ll have to do some research. Start with Google's AdWords Keyword Planner and go from there.
How to Avoid Getting Hacked
You know it’s important to protect your data so here are some crucial tips to avoid getting hacked.
Simple Steps to Avoid a Website Disaster
People mess-up and technology fails. Plan for this and you'll be better prepared for when it does happen. The following are some simple steps to put into place with your IT department, IT supplier or web hosting partner.
What every new website owner needs to know about search engine optimization
Do-it-yourself SEO basics: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the science behind how to rank better in search engine results. Generally search engines like content rich websites. The more relevant information pertaining to your topic and keywords the more likely your site will get indexed by the search engine.
Ongoing Website Maintenance & Support Tasks
Ongoing website maintenance provides website owners the assurance that their site is being taken care of with preventive measures and to accommodate the changing environment around it.
World’s Greatest Glossary of Website Design Project Terms
Over the years we've been known here at Inorbital to use terms that our clients have never heard of (and may never need to again) and in order to enlighten and explain what we mean when we say things like "mock-up” or "beta release” here is our ever evolving glossary of terms.
CMS Editing Recommendations and Best Practice
What you need to know before taking on the role of managing website content with a CMS. No matter what Content Management System you are using these important time saving tips will make the job that much easier.
Tips for Writing an RFP
An RFP, is an invitation or a document, which contains your requirements written in detail, and is used to urge vendors to make a bid in order to work on your project. Now, there are a few guidelines to follow when writing an RFP. Suppose you have decided to redesign your website. Your RFP is going to be a blueprint for the vendors.
Simple Blogging Best Practices
Not sure how to start blogging? Here is a collection of 6 simple best practices for crafting search engine friendly blogs. For this blog we recruited Sean Hurley, SEO Consultant and President of 96Robots.
Choosing the Right Domain Name
Here are some key tips to consider when selecting your domain name for your website. We often get asked for our opinion when presented with the clients 4-5 top choices. These are guidelines and should be taken into consideration where possible.
Website Accessibility Quicktips
The following summary of quick tips will help you better understand the web's complex accessibility rules and make implementation a less daunting effort. Stick to these fundamentals to make your websites usable and accessible right from the planning and design stages.

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