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User Experience and Web Design your users will love

User Experience and Web Design Services

Inorbital is a top Toronto web design agency. Our team has an impeccable track record of crafting beautiful designs that delight our clients and the people who use their websites. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we've seen design trends come and go and technology dramatically evolve. Websites have changed, and our approach to designing them continues to evolve. What hasn't changed is our commitment to excellence and the application of best practices in our approach to everything we do.

The Inorbital team is hands down one of the most professional teams to work with. They really took the time to understand what we were looking for and with the time and budget that we had, they designed a website that exceeded our expectations. 100% would recommend!

- Institute for Advancements in Mental Health

Work with web design experts who understand your vision

Our approach to design reflects our commitment to best practice web design principles, user experience research and material design standards. We use this foundation to explore concepts and develop unique solutions based on the objectives of every project we take on. All of our design work is uniquely tailored to visually represent you and your brand to take you from web presence to web excellence.

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Our Approach: Best Practice Web Design

We take an iterative approach to web design that allows us to break the design into phases so that our team and yours can focus on the right details at the right time.

Phases of a great web design project – how we do it:

  • Information Gathering: understanding the project, requirements, goals and success criterion helps level-set on the objectives and align the whole team.
  • Information Architecture: getting the site map and navigation systems in place to support a great user experience
  • Wireframes (low-fidelity): these initial wireframes determine layout and plot functionality without the distraction of visual elements like colour, photography or graphics.
  • Wireframes (high-fidelity): lo-fi wireframes evolve into functional prototypes that allow us to adjust functionality and user journeys to suit the goals of the project (UX Design). This is a crucial step in the process because this is when we solve any gaps in the navigation and flow of the site.
  • Creative Brief: once the wireframing process is complete, we develop a creative brief that includes mood boards, typography, colours, imagery and user interface (UI) elements. This is an important step that aligns our design and development teams with your team to make sure we’re agreed on the design direction for the project.
  • Design concepts: we add unique branding and UI design that makes the prototype wireframes come to life. Using colours, imagery, graphics and iconography, we create a fully immersive design that is customized to your brand and vision.

Your Success is Our Success

We take pride in helping you achieve your goals. We have celebrated the success of many clients over our 20 years as a Toronto web design company. Here are some recent web design success stories.

What makes a website design great

Where UI and UX design are focused on form and function, graphic design is purely focused on aesthetics. Graphic design involves the creation and organization of unique visuals like custom graphics, branding, illustrations, and iconography. Our web design agency offers graphic design services as part of our web design services but also as a separate service.

Our graphic design services:

  • Branding: We design brand guides from scratch or update existing guidelines as part of larger web redesign projects.
  • Logo design: Whether you’re are looking for a brand new logo or a refresh that works better for digital mediums, we have the experience to create a logo that represents your brand. 
  • Illustration: Custom illustrations can bring life and uniqueness to your design. We’re able to offer simple, custom illustrations for all our clients
User Experience Design (UX design) is an approach to web design that focuses on understanding the needs, wants, and behaviours of web visitors. The goal of UX design is to eliminate personal bias and create interactions designed to solve a user need. When done right, UX design considers variable user actions, user groups and makes sure that no aspect of the experience is unintentional.

UX design is rooted in human psychology and understanding human behaviour. With the growth of the web, we have applied psychology to understand how people interact with websites and why users do what they do on a website. This allows us to create better websites that work the way your users work. Visit our Blog The User Experience Process to learn more. 
User Interface Design ( UI design) focuses on the presentation of web design elements. UI design is measured by how well it enhances the user experience and represents your brand visually. UI focuses on flow, hierarchy and relationships

UI Design Principles:

  • Flow: user experience is optimized by making sure the proper information and tools are available at the right time. Flow is usually expressed top to bottom, left to right.
  • Hierarchy: an effective visual hierarchy helps inform, persuade and direct users through a website’s flow. Hierarchy is important in web design to help minimize users uncertainty and maximize the user experience.
  • Relationships: how do elements relate to each other on your website? Grouping items properly and ensuring the proper amount of space between elements and groups is key in providing clarity for web users.

Responsive design

Responsive design is standard in web development. With the growth of mobile devices, users consume more content on their phone than ever before. It’s more important than ever to ensure that your website design adapts to all screen sizes and is optimized for those screen sizes. At Inorbital, we create responsive designs from the outset that cover the three major devices categories - desktop, tablet, and mobile. With each screen size we adapt and redesign elements to ensure they fit perfectly to that device and function seamlessly between devices.

Best in-class web design software tools

We use Adobe XD to wireframe, design, and prototype all of our web design projects. The web-based software allows for collaboration, adaptability, and detailed prototypes that can interact and function almost like a fully developed website. Our clients love working with this tool because it allows them to pin comments directly on aspects of the design and so they can share the link to the design with any members of their organization without needing to rely on special software or sharing large design files.  

Toronto Canada Web Design Tools

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