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Digital Strategy

Digital strategy that delivers results

Our approach to digital strategy is designed to help you navigate the digital landscape and deliver tangible results.

A Digital Strategy is simply how you plan to achieve your business goals using digital tools and platforms. Experience has taught us that when it comes to strategy there is no one size fits all approach. Our strategy services are designed to be flexible to accommodate different types of projects. Some projects need a refinement of an existing strategy. Others need to start from the ground up. Whatever you need for your next project; we have the proven process and plan designed to get you results.

Inorbital's design approach is not only focused on what you see, but how it functions, and how it can be managed. Designed for the most non-tech-savvy person to control and manage the full website with ease. This simple to use 'back end' was critical to the success of the project


Our approach to digital strategy

We craft a strategy tailored to the unique goals and needs of your project. We work closely with your team to develop a deep understanding of your organization, your industry and your competitive environment. Then we dig even deeper, conducting thorough qualitative and quantitative research to develop a strategic plan designed to deliver web excellence.

We start by establishing key performance indicators, business objectives and user goals. Based on the insights from the workshop and our research, we develop a strategic approach that considers:

  • User personas
  • Competitive / comparative analysis
  • Insights and analytics reporting
  • Documentation review and audits
  • Digital product assessment
  • Information architecture
  • User experience design

The synthesis of all of this information forms the basis of our plan that will provide the strategic foundation for your next project.

Why you need a digital strategy

You can’t fix what you don’t measure. A digital strategy will ensure the right metrics and performance indicators are clearly articulated and  that your success can be measured against these key indicators.

Knowing what’s working well and what needs to be refined ensures your website is delivering maximum value to your organization and your users.

What is Information Architecture

Information architecture is all about the organization of information. For your website, this information is organized through navigation systems, content taxonomy and URL structure. The information architecture serves as the foundation of the information on your website and should reflect your digital strategy and user experience goals.

This approach will help you organize your information in a way that best suits your intended audience. Establishing a clear hierarchy, consolidating information, re-framing content and removing the extraneous are all key components of the crafting an effective information architecture.

User Experience Design

We provide our clients with user experience (UX) design services that are informed by your digital strategy and supported by the information architecture. Inorbital builds with best software tools to prototype user journeys and to allow us to plot key functionality that is specific to the people who use your website.

Strategy Consulting Services

Bring Strategy to Life

Our web design team brings your digital strategy to life. Integrating your visual brand with your digital strategy delivers web design that drives the performance of you site.  We pride ourselves in building future-proof web design solutions that will serve your organization, the brand and your audiences for years to come.

Flawless Execution

Our certified team will develop the best solution for your web development needs. Our agency takes the time to understand your strategy and objectives and provide you with the best option for implementation and ongoing management and administration of your website. 

Do I Need a Digital Strategy Before Building a Website

No, but you should have an idea of what you hope to accomplish and what your goals are for your website project before initiating the project. We offer strategy development services that will help with this aspect of a web build. We offer these services in isolation as a strategic package or as part of our six-step web design solution.

Do you have something to develop but aren't sure where to start

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