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8 Content Tips for Non Profit Websites

Posted on October 17, 2018

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Website content always matters but even more so when it comes to Non profits and their web presence. The need to establish credibility and confidence is of utmost importance when persuading your audience to engage and donate. These best practices and principles will help get your message across to your audience and to engage them no matter what your call to action. 
  1. Always write from your audiences perspective. Refrain from too much preaching or sales speak. Think your copy through from your users angle and they will appreciate the approach and will be more likely to continue reading and participating in your cause.    
  2. Incorporate your search engine words and key phrases as much a possible. Pepper only the pertinent words throughout the content however the trick is to not look like random words are thrown in. Keep the readability and language simple and not too technical or complicated.
  3. Provide links to meaningful relevant content. Your audience will appreciate that you have
  4. Use headlines and subheading whenever possible. Break up your content with italics, bold and point form. Use images and diagrams to illustrate a point.
  5. Use common language that your audience will understand.
  6. Provide useful information.
  7. Update your content regularly. Keep it fresh and new and with news and updates to give your audience a reason to return.
  8. Finally spell check often. Nothing like a spelling error to dissuade your audience from continuing to read. Check again and again.

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