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Marketing Automation with Kentico EMS

Posted on January 04, 2019
Kentico EMS edition allows you to leverage its built in online marketing features with the structure of the content management system to allow you to design and implement complex marketing automation processes. 

What is Marketing Automation and why should I care about it?

Marketing automation typically refers to a software technology that allows your marketing department to automate repetitive tasks so they can put more energy into planning and strategizing marketing initiatives. The technology usually comes in the form of 3rd party software and is independent of your website. With Kentico EMS you can break down all of the 3rd party boundaries because all of the online marketing tools are built right into the CMS. You can simply navigate to the marketing automation application and design complex processes. This allows your marketing team to be more efficient and can save a lot you a lot of time and money.    

How Does it Work?

The marketing automation process can be designed to manage complex campaigns, nurture leads, retain clients or just about any kind of communication your organization would want to have with a contact. The process is based on a series of steps that can be triggered by user based activities. The steps through the customer lifecycle can also be defined by conditions leading to complex pathways that allow greater insight into understanding the needs of the customer.  

Example: Baby Animal Company

Take for example you are in the animal care business and you have defined a “Hot Lead” contact group by visitors who give you their email address and visit the articles on your blog that have to do with baby elephants.In this situation,lead scoring can inform your marketing processes and the point threshold of a contact becoming a "Hot Lead" can be defined as a trigger for a marketing automation process.

This "Hot Lead" trigger could automatically send the client an email about baby elephants. You could set the system to automatically track what the user does with the email and set the next trigger to be based on user action. If they clicked on some links about grooming elephants they could be sent a specific follow up email about grooming products you sell. Alternatively you could set a time interval between steps in the automation process where you have decided that if the customer does not interact with the first email within a set period of time they would be sent another email featuring baby elephant content.

Allowing the user to dictate how they interact with your company by basing processes on their actions is a great way to nurture leads and build brand loyalty. It should also be noted that the steps and triggers you created can be partially manual as well. Meaning you can define a step where something happens offline like a raffle or something and it is up to you to manually move contacts to the next step.

This Blog is the second in a series of posts outlining the benefits and features of Kentico's Enterprise Marketing System. 

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