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Functions of Well Built Association Website

Posted on January 03, 2017
Membership Websites

Every association is unique in the way it operates. That's why standard systems often don't work. Over the years of working with a variety of associations and non-profits we've come to understand each organization has a unique process of managing new members and renewals. The challenge is often how to integrate their existing offline member management with the online presence. This requires a seamless custom programmed integration of member data back and forth ie up to the website and back down to the CRM. This is done in order to keep the data in sync with member expectations when renewing, or registering for events or updating their profiles online.

There are a number of challenges to building web site specifically for associations who are embracing the web to better enable the functions in which they operate from better support of privacy legislation (PIPEDA)

Some Key Benefits of a custom solution:

  • Connect your association to its members 24/7
  • Update information with the latest news and events
  • Online conference and event registration
  • Offer your members the ability to renew or register online
  • Provide password protected online members area's
  • integrating 3rd party CRM's including iMIS, Microsoft Dynamics, Membee and others

Functions to help achieve these goals and benefits:

  • Association News / press releases
  • Online Member Registration & management
  • Online Meeting registration
  • Collect Dues Online
  • Online secure donations
  • Automated dues reminders
  • Committee, Board Member and Member forums
  • Online Document management and File Sharing
  • Polls, surveys, blogs, Wiki’s, forms
  • Events registration and online payment
  • Multimedia Gallery
  • Project/Committee Pages
  • Newsletter management
  • Broadcast Emails to members/subscribers
  • Password protected Member's Area

Let me know if we've missed any functions or any comments about web solutions specific for associations. This list is far from thorough as I've tried to capture the common elements of any web 2.0 solution.

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