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Introducing the New Client Dashboard

Posted on August 06, 2019

For many years we've been using our own custom dashboard for our clients to get an easy snapshot of the project deliverables along with a collection of project assets. However we thought there should be an even better tool out there to do this than our old custom dashboard. So we went out and scoured the internet for online tools that claim to be client dashboards for web design firms and found none that met our standards. We knew we could do it better and so we designed our own, clean and simple client dashboard exclusive to our customers. Continue reading to learn more.   
Our new client dashboard consists of a main page that shows the timeline of the project and recent files we have updated on the main page. The files we have added will also indicate status as well as presentation date.

Client Dashboard website design company in Canada

We customize the dashboard for the unique needs of your project. It will include a “Review” tab that will show phase specific files we have presented. Typically our web projects will include a design phase that will include all the wireframes and design files. The Development phase will include links to the Alpha pages as well as the Beta pages.

website design company client dashboard

The Documents section is where we would store all the strategy documents as well as other files like the creative brief and project related files like the workplan.

web design agency client dashboard

We have also included an FAQs tab that is meant as a quick reference for typical questions we get when we go through the project lifecycle with our clients.

web design firm client dashboard faq

We are always looking for ways to make your experience better. This advancement allows us to have a point of reference for our project files as well as making it easier to locate and track the project files without having to dig through emails. We hope you like the dashboard and welcome your feedback!

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