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Choosing the Right Domain Name

Posted on January 24, 2011
Here are some key tips to consider when selecting your domain name for your website. We often get asked for our opinion when presented with the clients 4-5 top choices. These are guidelines and should be taken into consideration where possible.

Choosing the right domain name

  1. Include the company name and if at all possible select a company name that is the domain name even go as far as re-branding the company name, if its and existing company, to match the domain name. 
  2. Make it easy to remember and spell. Keep it short and uncomplicated. Imagine telling someone the domain name in an elevator so they can remember it.
  3. Avoid Hyphens or any awkward spelling. Try not to use any character replacements or incorrect spelling. You've seen the number 4 replacing 'for'and the number 2 replacing 'to' but its just good practice to stay away from these gimmicks.
  4. Always go for the dot com over any other domain extension. Here in Canada .ca is a popular second choice if you only plan to do business in Canada.
  5. Protect your name by registering other extensions and other languages (.ca, .org, etc.) This deters people from copying your name.
  6. Try to avoid any potential copyright infringements. Don`t pick a domain that contains other popular brands in the domain. It may sound like a good idea at first but bet on not being able to keep it.
  7. If possible, do not add unnecessary words like 'the', 'ltd' and 'company' to the name. Imagine as
  8. Brainstorm. Ask your colleagues, family, friends and generally people you respect for their input. You don't have to use the advice but good ideas are often collaborative.

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