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What's So Great About Azure 

Posted on May 19, 2019
Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing websites through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centre's.  

According to Microsoft Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies trust their business to run on the Microsoft Cloud.

Over the past few years our clients have come to depend on Azure to deliver their websites and Inorbital is more than willing to oblige. Here's why. 


Azure hosting has been around for many years, but only recently has it expanded its data centers into Canada. With data now housed in Canada our clients who have privacy requirements can now take advantage of Azure when previously they could not. Today it’s our recommended hosting platform for clients that depend on fast loading, secure and scalable hosting. 

Reason 1: Scalability 

With Azure you can auto scale resources up and down on demand without any downtime and you only pay for the time and capacity that you use and there are no capital expenditures necessary. 

Reason 2: Metrics. 

Azure includes numerous advanced metrics that allows us to plot charts, visually correlate trends, and investigate spikes and dips in metrics' values. Which give us the toolset to investigate the health and utilization of your resources that we haven’t had before. 

Reason 3: Hosting Options. 

There are many apps in the Azure stable to support web hosting and the 3 main hosting options are 1) Web Apps 2) Cloud Services or 3) Virtual Machines. There is a rational for each of these Azure options however we recommend that you consider Azure Web Apps as the first cloud option for our client’s applications. Only when we need a remote desktop access to the computing machine or need the Windows Services and startup tasks to be running, should we consider using the Azure Virtual Machines or Azure Cloud Services instead. 

Reason 4: Kentico and Azure. 

As a Kentico Content Management Solution Provider we were thrilled that Kentico has built-in support for powering websites in Azure. Kentico makes it easy to setup and configure in Azure with detailed documentation and fully stocked knowledge base. 
As a result, Inorbital has been awarded the Kentico Azure Competency by proving deep Azure knowledge and expertise. 

Not on Azure yet? Contact us to take advantage of Azure for uber scalable and reliable web hosting in Canada.  

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Director and Founder

Inorbital founder and digital solution architect with over 20 years’ experience planning and directing dynamic web presence and web applications for all types of savvy organizations. When not directing Inorbital you can find him actively trying something completely new.

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