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Dietitians of Canada Success Story

Posted on January 21, 2020

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Dietitian's meeting


Dietitians of Canada (DC) is a national professional association that represents dietitians. DC has over 5,000 unique and diverse members nationwide and strives to promote nutrition, health and foster growth in the industry through advocacy, professional development and engagement. The mandate of the association is to advance the health of Canadians through food and nutrition.  


The focus of this project was to redesign the website to be consistent with the Dietitians of Canada brand and consolidate DC’s web properties to integrate their new website with Salesforce in a way that supports the digital strategy.


Information architecture needed to be restructured and consolidated. Information for members was mixed in with public information and presented in different ways which made things confusing and redundant.

Integrations and Single Sign On. The new DC website needed to seamlessly integrate with SalesForce for members pages, downloads, registration and payment. The new website also needed to display memberships and unlock member community pages depending on membership type and journal access. All of this would have authenticated through Salesforce SSO

design challenges breakdown 


Dietitian homepage

The information architecture was restructured according to user goals and redundant items were consolidated. A review of DC’s objectives allowed us to line up and categorize content in a way that lined up with their digital strategy as well as provide the foundation for their user experience design.

DC member benefits mock-up

To accomplish the SSO needs of the project we implemented a custom membership sync that runs periodically. The sync creates new Salesforce accounts as Kentico users and saves all Salesforce specific details that will allow a member’s account to authenticate and display member specific information. The sync is also initiated by user login to make sure the website is up to date with any updates that have been made through the either environment.


Dietitian Mobile website mockup




Project Details 

Strategy, Content Guidelines, UX Design and Development built with Kentico EMS version 12. Features: Accessible, Bilingual with SalesForce integration and single-sign-on. 

Launched: January 2020
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