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This Blog consists of popular issues pertaining to website content management, security, accessibility, search engines, social media, ecommerce and stories regarding new and valuable web design tools and resources we think you might be interested in. As always, let us know what you think.
2023 Kentico Connection
As you would expect there were insightful presentations, deep-dive discussions, and peer-to-peer networking opportunities from this years Kentico conference. Here are some key points of interest that Kentico users and developers should find interesting.
Why Upgrade to Xperience by Kentico
Kentico has announced that version 12 will no longer be supported starting 2024. Now this is the end of Technical support but it doesn't mean your site will stop working after this, however there wont be any more hotfixes or patches or support from Kentico.
Using AI to Improve Website Management
For this article we are going to focus on AI with the proven DXP (Digital Experience Platform) Kentico.
Powerful User-Friendly CMS: Maximize Efficiency & Productivity
At Inorbital, we understand the importance of having a website that isn't only great looking but also super functional and easy to use by the content editors. One way we achieve this is by building the website backed by the best-in-class content management system (CMS) called Kentico.
Editing Pages with Kentico
In this video segment we demo the Kentico Xperience page builder application and show how on-page editing is done
The Pages Application in Kentico
In this blog we will explore how to use the Pages application in latest version of Xperience by Kentico
The Kentico Dashboard
In this video tutorial we will take a look at the Kentico Xperience Dashboard and how it will make content editing a breeze
Kentico vs WordPress
There are roughly 75 million Wordpress websites compared to 30,000 Xperience Kentico websites. However, don't let the popularity of WordPress suggest that it is the right CMS solution for your project. There are a number of important factors you should consider when making a decision between the two content management systems.
The Top 4 Reasons to choose Xperience by Kentico
Still thinking about using Kentico Web forms? Here are the top 4 Reasons to choose Kentico MVC as your next CMS
Marketing Automation with Kentico EMS
Kentico EMS edition allows you to leverage its built in online marketing features with the structure of the content management system to allow you to design and implement complex marketing automation processes.
Choosing the Best CMS is like Navigating a Maze
Organizations are demanding control over their web presence and using a CMS is the tool to help them take over day to day management with minimal training. Navigating through a maze of web content management systems is a tireless task so we’ve assembled a list
Campaign Management with Kentico EMS
Kentico has out of the box functionality that allows you to run and analyze cross-channel digital marketing campaigns without the need for any third party modules. Campaigns are set up around conversion points and actions are weighted according to values you determine
Content Personalization with Kentico
Kentico EMS edition allows you to leverage its built in online marketing features with the structure of the content management system to allow you the ability to deliver your web visitors customized content.
Why Kentico EMS Should be Your Online Marketing Platform
Imagine taking all of the third party marketing tools you use and combining them with your CRM. Now imagine taking all of those tools and building them into the backend of your website’s content management system. The result is Kentico EMS Edition. A system so powerful and intelligent it can do everything from personalizing site content to carrying out complex marketing automation processes.

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