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Inorbital COVID-19 Update

Posted on May 01, 2020

Here at Inorbital, we’re committed to providing award winning web design and web development to our legions of satisfied clients around Canada and the world. We’ve assisted clients such as the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Dietitians of Canada, Qatar Airways, Toronto Prostate Cancer, and the Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Now, we’re also assisting our employees, community, and clients through these tumultuous times.

The entire team is working remotely during this period. The transition was relatively straight forward considering our technology background and established security procedures. We were already taking advantage of remote communication tools used for communicating with our international client base, implementing a full suite of web-based tools and software. This has actually led to an increase in productive meetings with clients with the use of best-in-class communication tools including Microsoft Teams.

These incredibly challenging times have caused our team to rely on technology to support each other. Video conferencing makes impromptu discussions almost as easy as when we are all in the same office. We also try to do our best to be super flexible and accommodating with flex time, considering the challenges that a team member has with childcare closings and family obligations due to self-isolation. We completely understand that what we have now is temporary, but, because of all the uncertainty, we need to accept this new normal way of engaging with staff and clients.

We’ve also taken action to support our community. We’re currently collaborating with another agency to design and build a new non-profit online resource to help support the mental health or our front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The website has since expanded to include resources for the general population. It is available through the Canadian Mental Health Association at:

One other way that you can help during this time is review local businesses. That restaurant you love or that bar you patron can benefit immensely from positive reviews right now. Aside from Google reviews we use a platform for ratings and reviews called Clutch and The Manifest. They’re the gold standard to read ratings and reviews of B2B service providers and to learn about business projects.

Clutch portfolio Page

In a recent review on Clutch, the president of Bortolotto Architecture & Design, Tania Bortolotto, praised our team’s work as we redesigned and developed her corporate website.

"We are very pleased with the end result and receiving lots of compliments from people who have seen the site." — Tania Bortolotto, President of Bortolotto Architecture & Design

clutch Review from Bortolotto

We’re incredibly grateful to our frontline workers, our staff, our community, and of course our many satisfied clients. If you’re interested in joining our ranks of happy customers, contact us today.

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