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Tip 1: Don't Let Your Website go Out of Fashion

Posted on April 20, 2020

A successful website is one that not only functions great but is designed to be compelling and long lasting. This article is going to go over a number of aspects to consider when planning the design direction of your new website to ensure it doesn’t become unfashionable shortly after going live.

Be selective when choosing web design trends

Design trends come and go every year and trying to keep up with all of them is a dangerous game. It’s important to sift through what trends are here to stay and what ones will fade away as quickly as they came into popularity. When planning your site look and feel, it’s okay to incorporate a few trends into your design but be sure you pick carefully and understand which ones make the best sense for your site and which ones don’t.

Stay true to your brand

It doesn’t matter what trends come into popularity if your website has a strong brand voice and structure. If we look at banking websites, as an example, they aren’t flash and don’t need to rely on new trends because they all rely on strong branding and consistency.

Plan for your site to go out of fashion

Always know the plan for when your site eventually does go out of fashion. If we build on the point before and you created a strong structure and brand for your website it will make it a lot easier to update that brand and structure without needing to reinvent the wheel completely.

Keep your content up to date

A great way to ensure your website doesn’t go out of fashion before it’s time is to continually update your content to be relevant. This is something that is easy to do but brings a lot of value to your website and for the people that use your site.

When to redesign your website

Find out if it’s time to upgrade your website

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