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This Blog consists of popular issues pertaining to website content management, security, accessibility, search engines, social media, ecommerce and stories regarding new and valuable web design tools and resources we think you might be interested in. As always, let us know what you think.
Xperience by Kentico or Wordpress
Now we can help you decide what platform is best suited for your organization. Comparing WordPress and Xperience by Kentico involves looking at various factors, as these platforms cater to somewhat different audiences and needs.
Synchronise Your Entire Web Ecosystem
It's time for your company to integrate your web presence with all your organisations moving parts. Interoperability is big word but basically it refers to the ability of different computer systems to communicate with one another which is what we are discussing here.
CRM Integration
A CRM is a Contact Management System that uses a database to house data and reports on all facets of your collected customer information. It’s essentially a turbo-boosted contact database but these days it can be much more than that when you integrate your CRM with your website.
Solving The Biggest Problem with Bilingual Websites
Creating a bilingual website is much more than simply having 2 languages side by side. In this article we discuss how to incorporate user generated content into your multilingual website.
Bullet-Proof Registration Form Methodology
This is our proven method for planning and building custom bullet-proof online registration forms
Website Accessibility Quicktips
The following summary of quick tips will help you better understand the web's complex accessibility rules and make implementation a less daunting effort. Stick to these fundamentals to make your websites usable and accessible right from the planning and design stages.

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