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Bioscript Success Story

Supporting BioScript’s national network of clinics, pharmacies and patient support programs.

BioScript solutions is an organization that is committed to helping patients with chronic illness achieve the best possible outcomes by providing access to complex, specialty drug therapies and delivering full-service specialty care solutions.

BioScript’s healthcare website design.


The goal of the project was to create a stronger, more unified BioScript brand and improve the user experience of the website. The old website focused on four main service offerings, each branded differently. This caused confusion in the overall aesthetic and visually suggested the company was comprised of four separate entities.

In addition, the business goal of the project was to providing BioScript with a website that is easy to administer and maintain.


The design challenges we tackled were to unify the design and create a logical user experience, from the information architecture to user interface controls. From a development perspective we  needed to develop the website in a modular way to accommodate a variety layouts that were customized to each page.

Scope of Work

Our Approach

BioScript was looking for a flexible structure that could be customized, based a variety of information that would populate new pages. Our approach was to design  pieces of the pages as reusable widgets that could be mixed and matched to build a new page or add sections to an existing one. This was particularly important for the “Find a Clinic or Pharmacy” section of the site.

Building the website with Kentico MVC afforded BioScript with flexibility and ease in editing the content and ongoing management of the website. Leveraging page builder and custom widgets, BioScript’s functional and administrative needs were met without the need for templates.

bioscript homepage wireframe
find pharmacy wireframe
Content Wireframe
Our History wireframe
pharmacy details
careers wire
who we support wire
find a clinic wire
homepage mobile wireframe
our history - mobile - wire
find a clinic wire mobile
service - mobile - wire
find a clinic details wire mobile
footer wire

The Kentico MVC Page Builder allowed us the flexibility to add rows to a page that had a variety of layouts. From within these sections we could then add widgets that would adjust to column widths and satisfy the design criteria.

A minimalist design focused on information elevated the quality of the site. Using imagery that focused on human interaction created a more personal, emotional experience that distinguishes BioScript design from other healthcare web design.

Homepage - Mobile - 01
Homepage - Mobile - 02
Homepage - Mobile - 03


BioScript Solutions was awarded the site of the month by Kentico for its clean design and feature rich build. The website gives BioScript a platform to challenge the status quo of care models and technology by finding new approaches to healthcare web design and by providing the best care possible for patients.

The website is futureproof. The Kentico MVC makes content management more efficient while Page Builder and custom widgets help achieve all BioScript’s functional and administrative needs. The new site will support BioScript drive brand awareness, improve user experiences and generate better leads.              

Key Criteria for Using Kentico

Kentico MVC with the Page Builder was an effective solution for a website that required custom layouts on many of its pages. Adding widgets that connect structured data or page specific content made it easy to get the exact layout for custom pages.

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