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This Blog consists of popular issues pertaining to website content management, security, accessibility, search engines, social media, ecommerce and stories regarding new and valuable web design tools and resources we think you might be interested in. As always, let us know what you think.
Do's and Don'ts of Stock Photography In Web Content
Do's and Don'ts of Stock Photography In Web Content
Top 5 Keys to Success After a Website Launch
It’s tough to stick to just 5 keys to success as there are many that the best agencies will equip clients with as they go out on their own with their new technology. In the end its a special blend of platform. support and knowledge transfer to enable clients to succeed in the long term.
How to Test Your Beta Website
A simple guide to getting the most out of the testing phase to ensure a smooth go live!
What's So Great About Azure 
Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing websites through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centre's.
How to Avoid Going to the SPAM Folder: Manage Your Subject Line
Your subject line will be a big determinant to your email's ability to get into the inbox. It's the first thirty-five to fifty characters of an email subject line that users see. The reality is that you should not write an email subject line that is significantly longer than that because the longer your email subject line is, the more likely it would be flagged as spam.
How to Optimize Images for the Web
In this post we will talk about how to optimize images and why image optimization is important. We have geared the article towards content editors but the information in this post is universally applicable to anyone working with images online.
Optimize Your Content For Google
So you can never be 100% certain what might be considered perfectly optimized content however several recent studies from search results suggests that Google will consider it "poor content" if you do the following in your website...
SEO Strategy Starts with Choosing Great Keywords
To figure out which keywords work best for you, you’ll have to do some research. Start with Google's AdWords Keyword Planner and go from there.
How to Avoid Getting Hacked
You know it’s important to protect your data so here are some crucial tips to avoid getting hacked.
Simple Steps to Avoid a Website Disaster
People mess-up and technology fails. Plan for this and you'll be better prepared for when it does happen. The following are some simple steps to put into place with your IT department, IT supplier or web hosting partner.
What every new website owner needs to know about search engine optimization
Do-it-yourself SEO basics: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the science behind how to rank better in search engine results. Generally search engines like content rich websites. The more relevant information pertaining to your topic and keywords the more likely your site will get indexed by the search engine.
Ongoing Website Maintenance & Support Tasks
Ongoing website maintenance provides website owners the assurance that their site is being taken care of with preventive measures and to accommodate the changing environment around it.
CMS Editing Recommendations and Best Practice
What you need to know before taking on the role of managing website content with a CMS. No matter what Content Management System you are using these important time saving tips will make the job that much easier.
Tips for Writing an RFP
An RFP, is an invitation or a document, which contains your requirements written in detail, and is used to urge vendors to make a bid in order to work on your project. Now, there are a few guidelines to follow when writing an RFP. Suppose you have decided to redesign your website. Your RFP is going to be a blueprint for the vendors.
Simple Blogging Best Practices
Not sure how to start blogging? Here is a collection of 6 simple best practices for crafting search engine friendly blogs. For this blog we recruited Sean Hurley, SEO Consultant and President of 96Robots.

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