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This Blog consists of popular issues pertaining to website content management, security, accessibility, search engines, social media, ecommerce and stories regarding new and valuable web design tools and resources we think you might be interested in. As always, let us know what you think.
Responsive Web Design: Explaining Mobile First Design
Mobile-first design is an approach to web design and development that prioritizes mobile devices and the needs of mobile users.
Brand Credibility: Establish Trust & Drive Results
Credibility is important because it helps establish an organization's reputation and trustworthiness in the minds of the people you are targeting. Credibility can ultimately lead to increased engagement rates and member loyalty.
Demystifying Accessible Websites That Delight Users & Drive Results
AODA regulations require that websites must be accessible to people with visual impairments, including people who are colourblind.
Designing for Equity, Inclusivity and Diversity
Valuing strength of diverse opinions with action Our ethos is committed to diversity and inclusion by engaging people with a range of backgrounds and identities starting with our own team and extending to the people who will be using your website.
Breaking Down the UX Design Process
When we are designing websites for clients, we often find that there is a lack of understanding when it comes to User Experience Design (UX). In this article we will attempt to clarify what makes UX design what it is and why it is important to understand it for your next web project.
Understanding UX Best Practice - Website Navigation
When working with design agencies, you often hear that a mock-up or idea follows "current best practices", but what does this really mean? In this series we will dive into User Experience (UX) best practices and shed light on how they help improve overall website design.
UX & UI Design Trends
Every year brings with it new trends for its industry, whether it’s some fancy new technology or simply a refresh of something that was considered old and outdated. Some of these trends don’t make it past the front door but some end up sticking and influence its industry for years to come. So today we are going to take a look at 5 things I think we should watch out for in 2020 that I think has the opportunity to influence the design industry for years to come.
6 most common mistakes when planning a new website
Whether you’re completely redesigning your site or thinking of making some updates, there are six things that are often overlooked. Here are the essentials you need to consider when planning a new website to optimize your ROI.
5 Questions Clients Have About UX Design and Their Website
Every new project is different and exciting to work on as a UX designer, however there are certain things that come up on every project no matter how unique the project is.
How to Measure Great Architecture Websites
In this blog we will be examining a handful of different architecture websites and break them down by user experience, mobile experience, accessibility, speed, originality
7 Things to Look For From a Web Design Agency
When sourcing a digital agency to partner with for your next website project remember to consider these 7 key factors.
Anatomy of a Great Homepage
Here are 5 important attributes of a great homepage. Do these well and your web presence will be a big benefit to your organization. A good start is to keep your site focused and clutter free while always considering SEO.
You Need to Know These 5 Web Design Trends
Design trends come and go because they don't always solve the problems that users have. However the 5 trends I've described here are the exception and valuable because they improve the overall user experience.
What is the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) is a set of guidelines and standards which helps to achieve accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities. In the context of websites and web content, although only organizations large in size or belonging in the public sector require compliance by law, it may be a good strategy nevertheless to conform even if you're not.
Small Things That Will Have a Big Impact on Your Mobile Users
Google suggest a few small things that will have a big impact for your mobile website users. These are obvious but often overlooked tips.
World's Greatest Glossary of Website Design Project Terms
Over the years we've been known here at Inorbital to use terms that our clients have never heard of (and may never need to again) and in order to enlighten and explain what we mean when we say things like "mock-up” or "beta release” here is our ever evolving glossary of terms.

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