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Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships

Shaping the future of Canada’s infrastructure and services

The Canadian Council of Public Private Partnership (CCPPP) is a council that is focused on improving public infrastructure in Canada. They deliver value to Canadians through a public-private-partnership model and have successfully launched major infrastructure projects since their inception in 1993. The goal of this project was to build a new website for the council to reinforce their successes as well as educate the public and private sector on their P3 model and provide a better user experience for their members. 

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At the time we took on the project the website was 8 years old and was becoming a point of contention amongst members of the association. The website had many issues beyond needing a new design. The information architecture was confusing, elements of the design were interfering with menu systems, the application form and search were non-functional, and the site was not performing well on mobile devices. Another major goal of this project was to build the new website on a reliable, flexible, and futureproof CMS (Content Management System). The previous website was also built with iMIS in 2015, which limited the flexibility of the content editing making the site hard to manage.   


The goal of the project was to redesign and rebuild the CCPPP website. The council provided us with a new logo and brand guidelines they wanted us to incorporate into their vision of the new website. Beyond the design they had also explicitly wanted to move away from iMIS as the CMS for their website and wanted the site to be built on a more intuitive CMS (Kentico) that would allow them the flexibility to manage their site for years to come.  

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We followed our six-step methodology for this project. At the time we took on the project CCPPP had already invested in a new brand, so we were able to leverage that to complete the look of the design. One of the challenges faced when designing the website was to build out the proper user experience for the content. The reference point for the content was outdated so we iterated on the design and worked with CCPPP as they developed their content to work with the website. Both content and design had to meet in the middle. Making sure that the site was going to support the intended use of the user, the content administrators and reflect the vision of the new brand and design. To achieve this, we worked closely with CCPPP and found the right balance between the copy and content they needed to display and worked the design to make the site as visually appealing as possible. 

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Content Administration: 

One of the biggest complaints CCPPP has with their website was maintenance of pages and the inability to control the way things looked on their site. To aid with this we streamlined their content editing process by building a series of modular widgets to be used with the Kentico Xperience Page Builder. The widgets were built to be visual with flexible styling options included in them so editors can see what they are editing. These widgets combined with the drag and drop interface of the page builder were a welcome change for CCPPP web administrators making their content editing work extremely effective and yielding visually appealing results.  


The end result of the project is a highly flexible, user-friendly website that is designed to support the new vision of the association. The Kentico page builder allowed CCPPP flexibility in content editing. We leveraged the widget and section property controls to apply styling to elements individually to support the variations of the brand visuals. The drag and drop interface allowed editors the ability to move pieces around and position elements in ways that were more visually appealing as well. The option to copy sections or copy widgets also proved to be a time saver for them as they were able to copy instances of widgets they liked and overwrite the content. This gave the site consistency in its design. 


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