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Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships

Project Details:

Design and Development
Client: CCPPP

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canadian council for public private partnerships imis website design development association

CCPPP is a national not-for-profit non-partisan, member-based organization with broad representation from across the public and private sectors. Its mission is to promote smart, innovative and modern approaches to infrastructure development and service delivery through public-private partnerships with all levels of government. The Council is a proponent of evidence-based public policy in support of P3s, facilitates the adoption of international best practices, and educates stakeholders and the community on the economic and social benefits of public-private partnerships.


The focus of this project is to plan, refine, develop and deploy a new and improved CCPPP website to deliver a superior user experience that is Accessible, Bilingual and integrates with the IMIS member management system while powered by an easy-to-use, robust Windows based Content Management System.


CCPPP's main challenge was to create a completely new public facing website integrated with the newly implemented iMIS CRM. This was to resolve their main point which was the user experience and accessibility to the core content of their website, membership and application content, and how it was tedious and inefficient. The main group of users, current and potential members, was not well served in how this information was presented. With the new online member management system, the focus and challenge was to make it easier for users to manage their profiles using the upgraded IMIS platform. Other challenges included a website design that was not responsive, ineffective user flows to access different content types such as news, publications and events.


The solution itself included a complete site redesign, integration with a third party member management system called IMIS by ASI, a new improved search function that searched against member data, and many custom page types with its own search capabilities. 

As for improved user experiences and automation processes, workflow, versioning, localization, page templates, page types, widgets, among others, helped make the solution quicker to customize and extend as these were all modules that were available by default in IMIS.


The immediate feedback from stakeholders and public users has been overwhelmingly positive.  Its too early to tell what the actual data is regarding conversions and bounce rates. The key reasons for the redesign were to integrate the newly implemented IMIS system. This objective was achieved along with successfully enhancing the design and improving User Experience.

Performance Improvements

As a result of implanting IMI for the rebuild we were able to achieve significantly improve page speed and performance. Straight A’s for all key indicators from

Key criteria for using iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS)™ by ASI.

CCPPP chose IMIS for its ease of use for content editors and administrators. The ability to compare English and French content for the same page, to update content once and have it applied throughout the website, to apply an advanced workflow that ensured both English and French content are updated before it being published, and other core IMIS features like EMS, forms, CMS TREE layout, localization, made it easy for CCPPP to choose IMIS over other products.

Key Features Included:

  • CRM Software
  • Contacts
  • Membership Management Software
  • Events Management
  • Commerce
  • Membership 
  • Email Software
  • Self-Service Membership Software
  • Community Software
  • CRM Software
  • Website
  • Social
  • Mobile Member
  • Automation
  • Membership Dashboards

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