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Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario Halton Success Story

From Outdated to Outstanding!

ETFO Halton is a local division of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, representing 7,000 members from 96 elementary schools in the Halton region. ETFO Halton provides quality service and comprehensive support to all members. The local assists members with leave applications, navigates difficulties and accusations, and supports professional growth by offering leadership opportunities, workshops, and Professional Learning funding. Additionally, ETFO Halton addresses workplace issues, including health and safety concerns. 

ETFO Halton Website Design


At the start of this project, ETFO Halton faced several challenges: an outdated brand, an underutilized website, and the need to streamline their administrative processes. Their website mainly functioned as a portal for accessing downloadable PDF forms. Member management relied heavily on email, with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data updated in batches by cross-referencing emails. Registration processes were cumbersome, often involving multiple steps through email, phone, and sometimes mail. ETFO Halton needed a new member management system and a CMS to expand their website's role in their digital ecosystem. The ETFO Halton team approached us to redesign and redevelop their website and replace their CRM with Kentico Digital eXperience Platform (DXP).  

Goals & Objectives

  1. Brand Revitalization: Creating a modern, cohesive brand identity that resonates with members and staff. 

  2. Custom CMS Development: Implementing a content management system that allows administrators to easily manage members’ notes, positions, workshops, and other important member details. 

  3. Enhanced User Experience: Providing a user-friendly interface for both administrators and members, ensuring easy access to resources and information. 

Scope of Work

Our Approach

We collaborated closely with ETFO Halton to understand their specific needs and deliver a solution that addressed their goals. Our approach included: 

Brand Revitalization 

We began by refreshing ETFO Halton’s brand identity, ensuring it reflects their values and mission. This involved logo redesign as well as the generation of custom graphics and a theme to be used on the website as well as other promotional materials.

Logo Redesign: Updating the logo to be modern and versatile while maintaining the core elements that represent ETFO Halton. 

Logo redesign

Consistent Branding: Applying the new brand identity across all digital assets, including the website, ensuring a cohesive look and feel. 

ETFO Halton branding New logo and  branding

Custom CMS Development

To meet ETFO Halton’s administrative needs, we developed custom CMS modules that streamline their workflow: 

  • Member Management: A robust system to manage members’ profiles, including notes and positions, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. 

  • Workshop Management: Tools to organize and manage workshops, allowing administrators to track attendance, and gather feedback on attendees and log details of the workshop in member profiles. 

  • Member Synchronization: We built a custom application that would read annual membership lists uploaded by the School Board to update member records including details, employment type, status, school. 

Admin - Users Search

Main screen to search users

Admin - Managing notes on user accounts

Adding Notes

Admin - Managing Workshops in user accounts


Enhanced User Experience 

Our design and development team focused on creating an intuitive, user-friendly interface: 

  • Responsive Design: Ensuring the website is accessible and functional across all devices, from desktops to smartphones. 

  • Navigation: Simplifying the site structure to provide easy access to valuable information and resources. 

  • Calendar Functionality: Implementing a powerful calendar to help users quickly find the workshop they need and register for it. 

ETFO Halton Website Design

Teachers’ Federation of Ontario’s work in support of high-quality public education in the province of Ontario. The design, clear navigation, and effective searches allow users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

- Karen Brown - ETFO President


The revamped ETFO Halton website has significantly enhanced the organization's ability to communicate with and support its members. Key achievements include increased engagement, with members more actively interacting with the website due to its intuitive design and easy access to necessary information. Additionally, the new custom CMS modules have streamlined administrative tasks, allowing staff to dedicate more time to member support. 

Both administrators and members have praised the new website for its modern look and improved functionality. The positive feedback reflects the website's success in meeting the needs of the ETFO Halton community, marking a significant step forward in the organization's digital presence.

Project Details

The new website was built with best in-class Kentico CMS which has recently been rebranding Xperience DXP (Digital Experience Platform). The new website features a refreshed brand, much-improved design, total overhaul of the adminsitrative controls and easy-to-use enterprise class content management system. Visit

ETFO Halton Home page web design

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