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The Ontario Psychological Association

Digital Experience Platform with Member Management

The Ontario Psychological Association (OPA), established in 1947, is the voluntary professional organization representing psychology in Ontario. Members are clinicians, academics, researchers, and students who are dedicated to improving the mental health and wellbeing of Ontarians.

person in a psychologist chair

Project Background

The OPA website was over 6 years old and required a full digital strategy to:

  1. Defining the goals
  2. Develop personas to identify users, members, customers and their different phases
  3. Plan out user journey with CTA's

Ultimately completely revitalizing their website and replacing the association management platform with a more bespoke and easier to manage membership database.

Project Goals

Consolidate and harmonize all aspects of OPA's digital needs into a single seamless flexible and easy to manage system with member management built in. Replacing the IMIS association management service as it provided more complexity and pain than solutions.


The OPA website project started with strategy exercise where our team crafted personas and user stories to drive the decisions for the UX. The UX and design was detailed by a thorough process of iterations starting with a creative brief to tie in brand and UI elements. The brand guide was solid and most of the typography and colour options were provided. The approved design was the result of a collaboration with OPA and our design team. What emerged was delightful blend of design that depicted professionalism and friendliness.

The next big decision was the selection of the Content Management System (CMS) to drive the functionality of the public site and member zone. After a market review we landed on selecting the Kentico DXP (Digital Experience Platform). While a CMS helps with managing and delivering content for websites and applications, a DXP combines content management with digital marketing capabilities, and digital commerce. It enables OPA to deliver consistent and perfectly personalized digital experiences across all channels and devices to boost results and engagement with minimal effort. Visit to learn more about the platform.  

Association website design for opa

Notable Modules:

Replacing the mature IMIS Association Management System is no easy feet but our team was up to the challenge and created a custom, intuitive and uncluttered User Interface for OPA administrators and members.

Member Dashboard

This new custom dashboard is the first point of entry for authorized members to quickly access their member only content and their account status with easy to find links to tools and payment. 

member management account balance


Added real-time credit card payment with Moneris API along with Paypal for members to quickly pay for registration and renewals with instant payment status. 

association member tools Payment

Member management 

Administrators user application allows easy member management at-a-glance with quick filtering and sorting. 

association member tools reporting


The Find a Psychologist page is the most used feature on the site for the public to search and filter members by a variety of options which are easily configured by OPA admin and the psychologist member profile. 

member directory find a psychologist

Membership Registration

Simple, clean and clear membership application makes it easy to register as a member and for OPA to manage the workflow required to be accepted. 

association member tools apply and register

Batch Renewals

OPA has the ability to send out and process renewals using the custom built Batch membership application. 

association member tools batch renewals


There are several pre-defined reports based on OPA's specific requirements in addition to the out of the box reports that Kentico DXP offers. This allows administrators to create their own reports and sort and export any of the results to csv or spreadsheet. 

association member tools user management

Results and Reflections

All in one association management and digital experience platform that meets and exceeds OPA’s online needs and objectives. By consolidating the members database and reporting into the Kentico DXP OPA now has the bespoke tools to better manage their members and website. OPA can now generate the reports and analysis on its membership easily and communicate with it members and prospective members in all in one system with out relying on IMIS. The new web site design cements them as the credible and authoritative association for psychologists in Ontario.

opa website design homepage

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